Time car

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    This is obviously in Russia (license plates, architecture, etc.) In fact, I’m fairly certain that railing on the left blocks the Moscow River. But why oh why does that sign say “June”, in English?


    Kinda like they do in japan, random english words they adopt for the hell of it? I don’t know i’ve never been to Russia.


    How do you know it says June?
    Could be something completely different.

    And it’s not only in Japan like that.
    They do the same in most countries in Europe.
    It’s hip to have certain words in English on a sign or whatever.


    Sorry i meant countries that use a different written language other then the Western Alphabet. They do that in Brasil too, i think in every country in the world.


    @Flickerdart: why do you think it is in english? even June on russian is written jun, it could be anything…


    Russian culture rarely uses non-English latin lettering. And I can’t think of anything else it could say.


    God dammit, you people, it’s 10:37. How old are you people that you don’t know how to tell time yet?


    When i used to live in Korea, I remember driving down the road in Osan City and seeing a kid about 10 years old wearing a shirt with a Nike swoosh that said “Just do me” under it. He had no idea (I hope). It just had the Nike swoosh and some english on it.


    the sign kinda looks lik a movie poster for
    “Jungle Book” to me. But then again I live in a state of confusion most of the time so….


    @macol: THAT would be a great pic! LOL- i know what you mean though..

    But why the clock on a INT-Scout? cheap russian photoshop? or maybe theres no clocks in that town- and hes the clock-man. Shit were late!