Haumea of the Outer Solar System

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Explanation: One of the strangest objects in the outer Solar System was classified as a dwarf planet last week and given the name Haumea. This designation makes Haumea the fifth designated dwarf planet after Pluto, Ceres, Eris, and Makemake. Haumea’s smooth but oblong shape make it extremely unusual. Along one direction, Haumea is significantly longer than Pluto, while in another direction Haumea has an extent very similar to Pluto, while in the third direction is much smaller. Haumea’s orbit sometimes brings it closer to the Sun than Pluto, but usually Haumea is further away. Illustrated above, an artist visualizes Haumea as a nearly featureless ellipsoid. Quite possibly, however, Haumea has interesting craters and surface features that currently remain unknown. Originally discovered in 2003 and given the temporary designation of 2003 EL61, Haumea was recently renamed by the IAU for a Hawaiian goddess. Haumea has two small moons discovered in 2005, recently renamed Hi’iaka and Namaka for daughters of the goddess.


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    Science’ priority at this moment should be to send a probe to confirm if there are Grebulons currently inhabiting this so-called planet Haumea


    I want to live on the egg planet.

    Alec Dalek

    That’s no moon…


    On September 13 2006 at the IAU conference, the names Xena and Gabrielle (placeholder names only) were dropped. “2003 UB313” is now officially known as Eris, with it’s moon Dysnomia.


    it still pisses me off that they declassified Pluto as a planet.


    . . . ITS A SPACE STATION!!!!


    It’s shaped like that because its an actual flying saucer… that’s bigger than pluto?

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