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“The standard mount point for the primary weapons of a TIE craft is just below the forward cockpit window on the main hull ball. Vessels designed for mainly non-combat roles may have a single central cannon with a barrel gauge of several centimetres, but the most common configuration on combat ships is a pair of laser cannons side by side. Placement of guns near the centre of a fighter provides a stable weapons platform and may provide slight advantages to pilot aim. [Central placement is reported as an advantage in performance comparisons between World War 2 fightercraft.]

The laser cannons are usually represented as short cylindrical protrusions from the hull plating. An alternative form of laser cannon takes the form of an orange conical device of a size similar to the cylinder-type cannons. These seemingly simple structures evidently are not the only mechanism involved, because the blast bolts can be shot out in many different directions. Although this isn’t obvious to the eye, something inside the weapons must be capable of swivelling. The pilot may direct his fire anywhere within the field of view without turning his craft, and the tracking does not detectably delay the bolts’ firing. This is a significant advantage over the more static armaments of most rebel starfighters, such as the X-Wing and Y-Wing,

Some models of TIE interceptors and other heavier combat craft mount laser cannons and ion cannons on forward tips or the hubs of the wings. The reasons for this are not entirely clear: there may be tactical and practical advantages in having the cannons widely spaced; or it may simply be a matter of main cockpit ball being too tightly packed with other systems. Direct attachment to the radiators might allow a marginal improvement in the cooling of overheated weapons, or it might allow easier access for maintenance crews. Spreading the fire may improve strafing, and may boost the chances of scoring a few hits even when a few of the linked shots miss. Another possible advantage is redundancy of guns on a partially-damaged fighter: a single grazing hit cannot ruin all of the interceptor’s weapons at once. In any case, most designs with wing-mounted guns already have the standard chin guns; wing guns usually seem to be supplemental.

The bolts fired from TIE laser cannons are consistently green in colour, at least on the military models. Green blaster bolts appear to be exclusive to spacecraft and artillery in Imperial service. The physical significance of this is unclear.” – Dr Curtis Saxton

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    Why, o why would anyone want to know this?


    Knowing is half the battle.
    ~G.I. Joe


    I bet that half of the people here don’t even know what TIE stands for.


    Twin Ion Engines if I remember right? Used to know.

    Man, this makes me want to go install XWing Alliance, the successor to the Xwing vs Tie Fighter series, with seriously awesome graphics in comparison. Too bad it doesn’t run very well on my new computer, and my old one is almost completely out of commission.

    Ah, I used to be such a SW geek.


    Man, I still have an old IBM 386 that I fire up every now and then, just to play TIE Fighter. X-Wing vs TIE Fighter is prettier, but the gameplay can’t hold a candle to the original, which is at the top of my Games That Are Most Deserving Of A Proper Remake And If They Fuck It Up I Will Combust From the Sheer Power Of My Nerdrage.



    Yea, and violence is the other half.


    Good thing a Doctor told us.


    Star Wars sucks


    Never played much from the Tie Fighter series, but I’ve run the Rogue Squadron games into the ground.
    Need another one of those.


    OK. you have two X-wings on a Tie Fighters six, the rear X-wing pilot at right angles to the forward wing, exhibiting great skill (or great stupidity)in firing through the wings of the forward X-Wing, which is also firing.

    And yet, Mr. bad ass tie fighter pilot here is just kinda cruisin’ through the 4 resultant laser cannon beams like it ain’t no thang…?!?

    Methinks the Imperial propaganda machine is at work here…

    tiki god

    awfulintentions: Is that the one with the Millenium Falcon wannabe? I Loved that game. I still have it somewhere around here, damn I loved the Xwing vs TIE fighter games too, that shit was awesoem


    tiki god:

    You’re probably thinking of Shadows of the Empire which was actually a multimedia project. The game was a combination of FPS and third-person flight action. (I think the shooter part might have beend TP, too, but I don’t recall). The “wannabe” falcon you mention is the Outrider, a modified version of the YT-2400 Correllian light freighter. The Falcon was a YT-1300. Hardly a wannabe, and in the Star Wars universe, both ships were widely known.

    The Rogue Squadron series was basically the closest to a starfighter sim that showed up on consoles. What you could do on PCs as far as control of your craft was far more detailed. Rogue Squadron was also third person (instead of in the cockpit).

    Does it make me more or less of a nerd that the only part of this that came from memory was the basic, “No, that was this game” setup?


    I miss this game. This is one that they should have upgraded every generation of PCs.


    Oh, don’t worry. Lucas Arts wont miss an opportunity for a re-release.


    A re-release, prequel, sequel, alternate universe, cartoon, Lego game.


    Actually, as an interesting aside, I have TIE Fighter brand new and am trying to figure out how to create a shell to run it on my current PC, a P4 server base. Any help (I haven’t had to do this is aeon’s!) would be most….helpful.

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