Parallax View

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Parallax causes the reflection of the sun in the water to appear directly behind the street light, even though it appears much higher than the light in the sky. The location of the virtual image is below the surface of the water and thus simultaneously offers a different vantage point of the street light, which appears to be shifted relative to the stationary, background sun.

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    Damn, Nyokki you post the most fun sciency stuff! You are the cat’s meow bebe!


    i concur, u are refreshing


    I haunt MC’s like Mephistophales
    Bringin swords and Damacles
    Secret service keep a close watch as if my name was Kennedy
    Abstract raps simple with a street format
    Gaze into the sky and measure planets by parallax.
    Check out the retrograde motion, kill the notion
    Of biting and recycling and calling it your own creation.
    I Feel like Rockwell, “Somebody’s watching me”
    I got no privacy whether on land or at sea.
    And for you biting zealots, your raps are cacophonic
    Hypocrite, critic, but deep inside you wish you had the pop hit.
    It hurts don’t it, the refugees come to your turf and take over the earth.


    whitest rap eva


    your mom goes to parallax.


    this is cleary mindfuck aimed to frusterate those who would actual sit here and try and understand what the fuck parallax is.

    clearly intellectual trolling.


    wait actually, this is legit:


    Dyna-Mole: that’s the fugees, n­igger


    all paralax really means, is looking at the same thing from 2 different angles. The reflexion on the water represents a different angle than the placement of the camera. The human eyes use paralax to determine depth. When you watch a good 3d movie, they use paralax lenses to create the 3d effect. Science is fun, and knowledge is power.

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