Imperator-class star destroyer

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“The hull number of the star destroyer Entor (CVS 1049) indicates either that in excess of a thousand star destroyers of this class have been built, or that this is the 1049th built by its particular shipyard. According to the reports of Rebel Alliance historian Arhul Hextrophon (in The Imperial Sourcebook) the Galactic Empire has a about three to five dozen or so destroyers in an average sector group fleet, of which there is at least one for each of the Empire’s thousands of sectors. This indicates that the local territorial fleets alone account for tens of thousands of star destroyers galaxy-wide. It should be noted that though Hextrophon’s reports have proven to be error-prone on many occasions; they consistently tend towards gross underestimates of Imperial naval and military strengths. The true number of star destroyers is probably much greater than the values he implies. In addition to the vessels assigned to particular sectors, there must be uncounted numbers attached to Imperial High Command and elite roving forces such as those of some Grand Moffs, and higher officials such as Lord Darth Vader.” -Dr Curtis Saxton

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    Tell me were I can get one.




    *gEEk boner*


    He has a Doctorate in Star Destroyer engineering? I must have gotten off at the wrong planet!


    Now those r hawt…


    Nonsense. The resources necessary to build just one of those Star Destroyers would strip a solar system of its resources for years. Then think of the energy consumed – just the production of oxygen from carbon dioxide for the life support systems, never mind the main engines. A ‘sector’ of the galaxy would be hard pressed to support one of them, never mind three to five dozen. Consider how many nuclear powered carriers the US has.

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