Election Game

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    I choose you, John McCain!

    Jesus Christ

    I lol’d.

    beep beep

    Damn those donars!


    Fail. Should have used a False Stroke/Hanoi Hilton to capture him. Sure you miss out on the xp, but you can trade a McCain for a Mudkip and three Slopoke.


    Best laugh I’ve had all week. Wish I had that kind of spare time on my hands.


    He should have changed his name to Mac McCain before he went into politics. that’s a name i could really vote for.




    PALIN uses BOOBS!



    I still dont see how Barack Obama equates to change. He’s voted Partisan on every bill thats ever come across him and has never once reached across the aisle. Plus, he really has 0 experience. 0. No one in my state of IL had any idea who he was before the 04 Democratic convention, he never did anything of great significance in our state legislature. He’s just a smiling face, the only thing different about him and the change he’ll bring is the color of his skin.


    njch412: Like it or not, electing a black president would send a powerful message of change out to the world. They’re both politicians, and though they have different platforms, they both want to do things differently than they’re done now. Not one single person alive can say which way of doing things is better. Why? Because this isn’t math- it’s all speculation and you might as well take your political advice from a tarot card reader. I say elect the black guy because it’ll break the mold, it’ll make people believe in the voting system again, and it’ll look really freaking good on our national resume. Also, because Hitler would shit a brick.


    elzarcothepale: So essentially what you’re saying is that Obama should win because he’s black?

    You, sir, are an idiot.


    Gee, Njch, he’s voted Partisan on every bill?

    I guess the democrats are for restricting abortion then? And taking away government funding for abortion?

    Ironically, Njch, you took an outright lie probably from Conservapedia or some republican blog, and then called it ‘partisan’. I lol’d


    Exacerbate: I’m saying it doesn’t matter one way or the other, so fuck it- yeah elect him ’cause he’s black. Elect him so we don’t have a VP who makes Dan Quayle look like a viable alternative. I’m saying you might as well vote for the superficial reasons because the other stuff is six of one half a dozen of the other.


    I want this game.


    Left, right, I don’t give a fuck, alls I know is that this was hilarious.

    Snarky Parker


    How come you didn’t mention Obama’s experience in your last comment?

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