Captain America Speaks The Truth

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I don’t remember where I found this, but for some sophmoric reason, It makes me feel tingly when i read it.

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    Is it because of his broad chest, his strong jaw, and his piercing blue eyes?


    Not sure if I understand the roleplaying reference, but its an awesome quote


    Oh yeah, this is sweet.
    The caption is lame though.


    It has f*ck all to do with roleplaying,

    but it’s an awesome quote from Captain America in Civil War before he died.


    Don’t understand the roleplaying aspect?

    Man patriotic nerds feigning ignorance to hide their butthurt ITT


    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants.”
    – Thomas Jefferson


    Nope, I think the caption was done by someone pretending to be a geek. Cause I’m big into rpg, and i don’t get it.


    Awesome? Really? I mean, it sounds good. It’s just what little Peter needs to hear to start the inevitable slide over to the ‘good’ side of the civil war… …but it’s like Steve Rogers failed civics class. The US isn’t based on people just doing what they think is right. It’s based around the knowledge that we can talk and compromise instead of taking the law into our own hands and fighting one another from intractable positions fortified with our own self-righteousness. Sure, it’s great when Cap breaks the law to do what’s right, but it isn’t so great when… Read more »

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