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    I have nightmares that look a lot like this


    Fuck yeah.


    Fuck ya- the pending wars coming!?! warmongrel!


    Damn- fingers are cold..WARMONGER!!!


    Watch your tone, shipoopie, or we’ll liberate the shit out of you.


    i hope your being sarcastic-…
    A.L.F. is what should be done.


    This shoud be called:

    Dr. McCainlove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Right


    The irony is that Dr. Strangelove was rumored to be inspired by Henry Kissinger, who is still an advisor to the Bush Administration. We have an accused war criminal giving the prez advice on how to run foreign policy.


    1. that’s not ironic

    2. Rumored?


    …or did I get that backwards…


    Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! This is the War Room.


    1. My definition of irony is slightly more accurate than Alanis Morrisette’s.

    2. From the wiki (and wiki is ALWAYS accurate, right?!):
    “After the fact, the character was also compared to the later US Secretary of State and controversial Nobel Peace Prize laureate Henry Kissinger, however, it is unlikely that he served as a basis for Dr. Strangelove as, at the time the film was made, Kissinger was only a Harvard professor who wrote some books on nuclear war strategy, being relatively unknown to the public.”


    The word Irony comes from ancient Greece. The Helleic-era Greeks believed in cosmic justice, and that if something went wrong it was through your own breach of universal justice. Thus, when something seemed to go wrong for no reason, it was deemed Ironic.

    Thus, Alanis Morrisette’s definition of Irony is, ironically, more etymologically accurate than yours, Suidicy.


    Many articles have been penned regarding Morisette’s misuse of irony, and how ignorance is not the same thing as linguistic drift. That leaves me wondering… Is it ironic that Morisette has come full circle, evading the contemporary parlance, and managed to accurately capture the true, etymological definition of the term? Is it merely a coincidence, or is she an uncredited and unappreciated scholar? If she were, would that be ironic? Is it ironic that no two pseudo-intellectuals can agree on a modern definition of the term? Are none of these actually examples of irony? Would it be ironic if that… Read more »


    suicydking, just because he gives the monkey advice doesn’t mean the monkey actually listens to it.

    It probably confuses him what with Kissinger using all those big words with more than one syllable in them.


    Modern irony involves sarcastic t-shirts and something about how most indie rock labels are owned by labels which are owned by major labels.

    Is that a good definition?


    The joke is okay.