Palin Debate Flowchart

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    From what I saw she’s a master debater…


    Casually listening from the other room, I heard the moderator tell her at least three times that she didn’t come close to approaching something remotely near to anything that could possible be construed as answering the question she was asked.

    I only had it on for the first half hour.

    To be fair, she did walk up one side of Joe and down the other a few times, even if she was off topic by a mile.


    She winked twice. XD

    The woman is completely unaware of how serious this all is. She must think this is another beauty pageant where you can just giggle, wink and half-ass your answers.

    If Palin is the “average” American, it’s high time we raise the bar.


    Raise it up, please..

    ” ..oh gee golly don’tcha know.” WiNK WINK!


    Oh damn, if that shit isnt hilarious!


    Welcome to politics. There are two kinds of politicians:

    1) The Palins, who read from cards

    2) Everyone else, who can talk a lot without saying much.

    Nothing new under the sun.


    oh pick me(arm raised)- A yellow submarine?

    cleaver right?…


    and whats with calling her party the “mavericks”? Fuck that talk.. might as well call Obamma a Jedi.. Pic anyone?


    Ok FlappyCunt, pic uploaded, wonder how long it’ll take Tiki to post it.


    Thanks -Perfect! Now Biden just needs to mention it like, oh, 50 times.. and waste more time.. “so with Jedi Obama as prez, and myself, young(actually Old) padawon learner to him, we will cut taxes .. blah. blah..”


    they left out stupid hand gestures throughout the entire process:)


    You know what I’d like to see? I’d like to see politicians held to a HIGHER standard. I’d like to see them who are WORTH respect, instead of just demanding it. I’d like to see politicians who’re better educated than most, smarter than most, and willing to GIVE more than most. I’d like to see a politician who, when asked a straight question, will give a straight answer without trying to dodge it or tack on a dozen qualifiers.

    I think I’m expecting too much.

    tiki god

    it’s been scheduled for sometime on the 14th.


    Wow- thats quite the backlog. Like workin for the .gov. wookie x- are you talking about Gene enhancing- cuz smart people avoid getting fuct.


    Palin: I’ve only been at this for 5 weeks. *Wink Wink


    – I ment that canidates are only tools for the political party. WE should be aloud to can congress of the 80yr olds whom keep refering to the cold war and Castro. The congressmen that have like 6-7 DUIs, and can only remember how it was…ya, the cold war was LAST century.. That would seriouly change the country.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    @wookie_x: You say that’s what you want, but an smart, honest politician doesn’t get elected. If someone disagrees with you does that make them dumb? No. But people would rather vote for someone who is obviously dumb, but seems to agree with them rather that someone who is smart, who honestly disagrees with them. I think that’s the real problem in American politics, the idea that anyone who disagrees with me is an idiot. Sometimes two smart people will look at the same issue with same facts and come to different opinions. And it doesn’t necessarily mean that either one… Read more »


    You betcha!


    i was looking forward to her looking dumb, but to my disappointment, i realized that it isn’t her intelligence that annoys me, (although i swear to god, she said ‘Nukeyoolar’ about 17 times- sometimes immediately after both the moderator and Biden pronounced it correctly) but her inappropriateness. She behaves poorly. She gave a “shout out” during the debate. She giggled and winked like a twelve year old. I know it’s futile, but is it too much to ask that these stupid politicians at least be consistent in their bullshit? Obama’s giant failing is inexperience, but Palin’s touted middle name is… Read more »


    you know, this discussion is pointless…

    …..UNLESS someone prints it off and sends it to their congressman/woman….

    ….no, it’ll still be pointless, because they are the ones we’re complaining about!!!


    I was definitely put-off by her absolute dismissal of Biden when he choked (w/ emotion) a bit talking about not knowing whether his son is alive or dead. It was like she never even heard it. Is she that monomaniacal? She seemed determined to show that she owned both Ifill and Biden.


    when she was a child- she attended a church where they spoke in tongues. she’s batshit. she believes in RAPTOR JESUS.

    and she called Biden “Obiden” once- LOL.


    This is all exactly like Miss Cunt Usa, aka, Palin.

    I loathe that bitch to the core of my little black heart.




    liberal are scared, she is our next VP


    she’s just as stupid as every other politician, she just doesn’t quite get how to bullshit her way out of things. Listen to ANY question a pollie answers- 99% of the time they talk total shite. I hate democracy.

    Snarky Parker

    So, we’ve come to the conclusion that Sarah Palin, had to take on the presidency if McCain croaked, that the America would be fucked…

    I’ll make it a note to write a letter to McCain (if he wins) to have all the members of The View on his cabinet.