Big Wheel

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    If this is the adult size, I’ll take one.


    The only problem with Big Wheels is the handle bars would break from the column holding the wheel. And no matter how many screws you put in the damn thing it just didnt hold properly.


    They do a BYOBW race in San Francisco every Easter? Ummmm… or is it some other Christian holiday? I forget. But if you go to GooTube and search for BYOBW, you’ll find plenty of videos (including a couple that I’ve shot) of hundreds of full size adults going down S.F.’s curvy streets on BIG WHEELS.


    the scraped knees were so worth it, no?


    They wear kneepads and pants TrikYods. I recently watched a couple of those videos. Looks like a ton of fun.


    I never had any problem with the handle bars breaking… I just had an issue with getting a flat spot on the front tire from sliding it around.


    I remember these from being a kid. We couldn’t afford one – I think, I may have been just too much of a klutz so my parents were afraid that I would break something on my body – but my neighbor had several and always put rocks in the seat bottom to make it sound like a real motorcycle. He was a weird kid.

    tiki god

    outofocus: I had the same problem. After a while it got so bad that I couldn’t even roll the front wheel, which sucked.

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