A Map of the Internet’s Black Holes

InternetBlackHolesMap.jpg (168 KB)

This map was commissioned by Reporters Without Borders, which also publishes a World Ranking of press freedom. As the list of the 15 internet-restricting countries (followed by their ranking on said list) indicates, internet censorship is a strong indicator of press censorship in general:

1. Maldives (144)
2. Tunisia (148)
3. Belarus (151)
4. Libya (152)
5. Syria (153)
6. Vietnam (155)
7. Uzbekistan (158)
8. Nepal (159)
9. Saudi Arabia (161)
10. Iran (162)
11. China (163)
12. Myanmar/Burma (164)
13. Cuba (165)
14. Turkmenistan (167)
15. North Korea (168 and very last on the list)


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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    16. goatse.cx


    Oh, man, it’s disappointing to know that no one from Belarus will ever tell me a Chuck Norris joke or post ‘i made u a cookie but i eated it’ on the internet.


    Que será será.


    Funny , my sister went to tunisia and didnt have any problems logging onto a computer. THis chart is full of shit


    I think they are referring to levels of Governmental internet censorship, as opposed to the inability to get onto the internet per se.

    China, for instance, provides more access to faster internet connections for it’s population, in general, than the US, however their internet is very, very heavily censored…

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