I’m A Republican Car

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Borrowed from here: bitsandpieces.us/

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    this better be lindsay lohans car


    Hm. There are obnoxious fuckheads on both sides of the political war. This happens to be one of the Republicans’.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Complaining about welfare is sooo ’90s. Get rid of corporate bail-outs and the War on Terror and we’ll talk about the pennies spent on welfare.


    O’Doyle rules!


    Complaining about welfare is sooo ’90s. Get rid of corporate bail-outs and the War on Terror and we’ll talk about the pennies spent on welfare.

    I’d rather have my tax dollars spent on defense and the war against terrorism than to help some ghetto fucktard shooting up heroine up his veins get free money.

    As for “corporate bailout,” it’s the Democrats’ fault for creating this mess in the first place for bending the government’s back to help these lazy potheads get a house.



    thats the second perkins ive ever seen..is the food great?


    Not everyone who is on welfare is a ghetto fucktard. The only reason my mom was able to get through jr college to get the minor degree that let her get the job that she has was because of welfare when I was small. She used it the way it’s meant to be used.

    The system needs to be revamped to deal with people who are abusing it and/or simply don’t deserve it (like people who have never paid taxes to this country).


    Mandatory drug testing to pick up a government check. Problem solved.


    Oh. Anyone on welfare should also not be allowed to purchase lotto tickets. I get sick to my stomach stanting in line at the 7-11. I am always behind some fatass that can walk 6 blocks to spend $150 on lotto, wearing only a house coat and bedroom slippers, who claims to be incapable of work.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    @the3g_ipwn Lotto tickets go to the state treasury. So if someone spends their unemployment check on lotto tickets, the net loss to the taxpayer is nearly zero. I do agree with the drug testing, though. Also mandatory birth control. Normally I ignore diabeetus, but since I’m replying anyway: There has been a tendency to conflate the current problems in the subprime market with CRA-motivated lending, or with lending to low-income families in general. I believe it is very important to make a distinction between the two. Most of the loans made by depository institutions examined under the CRA have not… Read more »


    I’d also like to point out that the beginnings of the current financial crisis were getting underway more than a year ago. BEFORE Democrats won the majority in Congress. Recessions generally are the result of problems that have already been around a LONG time.


    Oh, and as far as bailouts go…throwing money at the problem may not fix it, but throwing it at the consumers would be FAR more effective than throwing it at the fuck-ups in charge of the businesses that blew it in the first place.

    Alec Dalek

    because EVERYONE can’t be educated.


    If that guy ever find himself laid off and out of a job even for like *a week* man he’s going to regret that vanity plate.