Hummer HX Concept Vehicle

112_0801_01z+hummer_HX_concept+side_view.jpg (82 KB)

112_0801_05z+hummer_HX_concept+front_three_quarter_view.jpg (56 KB)

112_0801_11z+hummer_HX_concept+rear_three_quarter_view.jpg (54 KB)

112_0801_13z+hummer_HX_concept+rear_three_quarter_view.jpg (60 KB)

112_0801_18z+hummer_HX_concept+interior.jpg (95 KB)

Tonka Truck anyone?

Found here:

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    Looks like a Jeep.


    Kinda looks like a puma.


    Im not positive here, but im pretty sure the law says you need at least 2 rearview mirrors. So would this not even be street legal without the doors on?

    Brevity Truta

    That’s awesome, and doesn’t look huge (I hate massive suburban assault vehicles with a passion, for many reasons). Now does it run on banana skins?


    It runs on dreams. It runs on the human desire to strive for the greater, the more ordered. It represents a sublime confidence which can only come with the abandoning of fearful superstition.

    Which seriously is like 2 cents a litre is some markets. Aspiration for greatness and and faith in structure is really the way to go in the alternative fuel market.


    Looks bad ass, but won’t be anywhere close to badass if they build it like shit like they did every hummer except the original one. Fuckin GM truck frame and engine with tons less torque than the H1. Oh and it also has to be a diesel truck to complete the badass requirements too.


    Plastic hummer = fail


    Give it a 2′ longer wheel base and we can talk. This just looks like something for Halo fanboys to dream about while they sleep in their parent’s basement.

    Brevity Truta

    Marketing is an art, in a way, oh yes. Where is petrol 2 c a litre?!


    i saw this at the auto show in Detroit. There, it looks so much liek the Warthog from Halo, which makes it so sweet, these would kick ass…

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Hummer as a brand is all but dead. 🙁

    Never been a better time to buy one mind you. If you can afford 200$ to fill it up ever other day. 😛


    No, you don’t need two rear view mirrors. I take the doors off my jeep all the time with mirrors. In fact, you can get away with removing a lot of “essentials” and still be road worthy. Though, in Texas, people have a little more common sense when driving. Guess that’s why we get to go 70mph, aka 120 on the highway and get away with it. Speaking of how awesome driving is in Texas, had a friend of mine one time have some jackass do the Lame ass Nascar side to side behind him. He was in his Corvette… Read more »


    12 yards long, 2 lanes wide,
    65 tons of American Pride!

    Canyonero! Canyonero!


    Unneeded… the FJ Cruiser is almost the same as this, and undoubtedly better quality.


    Okay, so it’s a half-assed attempt at a Jeep with a Hummer grill and fenders. Whoopty do. Fortunately, it won’t ever get made since GM is selling this failing product line. I don’t care if it runs on sunshine and cotton-candy, it still sucks.


    Hummers haven’t been Hummers since the original model. They keep making them sleeker and more compact. That’s pretty much destroying everything that made a Hummer a Hummer…

    tiki god

    man, I still love the G1 humvee. that shit was tight ya’ll


    eh, toyota beat them to it…its called the FJ Cruiser:

    Hummer HX concept is FAIL…as a matter of fact all GMC products are FAIL!


    Another way for small dicked low self esteem men to get their chuckles.


    I totally had that Tonka when I was a kid.

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