Fast Food in Beijing

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Photo 1 – Fried Sea Horses
Photo 2 – Turkey Vulture Schnitzels, Sea Snakes and Silk Worms
Photo 3 – Black Scorpions, Silk Worms, Dung Beetles and Cicadas

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    Ummmm yummy! Calling all Vegans, its dinner time.


    wow, asians will eat anything, including my penis. YELLOW FEVER !


    Only if they can put a stick through it.


    NO!! Seahorses are friends, not food!


    I would eat a scorpion. Hell, next time see one I’m googling up a recipe.


    Andrew Zimmermen ate seahorses on Bizarre Foods, he said they tasted really bad and were extremely brittle (no meat, just a shell).


    What are you Laki, the Little Mermaid?


    I didn’t see any scorpions when I was there. Bummer. The starfish on a stick were amusing.

    These shots were taken at the Beijing Night Market.

    Karatesaurus Rex

    You had me at dung beetles.


    You shouldnt eat seahorses…

    I would eat pretty much anything there though. Scorpions arent bad, but I am not sure I would trust some random street vendor to have properly detoxified them.


    Caio: Canada has scorpions? Huh. I guess the interwebz can be educational.



    I’m surprised it hadn’t been said yet.

    Brevity Truta

    The seahorses are sad 🙁

    The rest … well, I bet it tastes great, because the chinese know texture and flavour the way you guys know internet porn, but with more appetizing results.


    : Yeah, like in the badlands in the very SW corner of Alberta. I’ve seen them at Crowsnest and Drumheller. I doubt you’ll see them many other places though.

    Little things though, not like the fellers in the pics up there.

    Brevity Truta

    You could always use toothpicks instead of satay sticks when you cook them up 😉


    Okay Duckie….. you got some errors on your smorgasboard.

    1. The first picture is dried seahorses and pipefish. Traditional fortifying stuff… not meant to be tasty….. the sauce makes it go down easy.
    2. The second picture has no turkey vultures or seasnakes…. You’d be hard pressed to find one in China. Its crayfish, jellyfish cake ( I think ) , sea snail meat and silkworms.
    3. The third photo…. you missed the crickets… no not dung beatles… cockroaches… ya bafoon.

    mmm dung beetles

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