First post!

Oh  man, have you ever been to ?   If you have, and you’ll notice when you type out:

I agree with the first post‘s view.

it ends up being:

I agree with the boobie‘s view.

Also: if you happen to actually say “first post!” as the first comment you end up being time shifted 12 hours into the furture and you end up being the last comment, and looking like a dick.

I need you know that what fark is doing is annoying as shit, but it’s really the only responds to dicks that need to express their position in the comments.

Word replacement is easy to do and in some instances can be quite hilarious for the mods, but not so much fun for the end user, who will typically be pissed off that their well thought out and crafted response has been ended by some heartless script.

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    [my penis is small]


    Yeah I’ve seen one or Over 9000 trannies grabbing at first posts lately. I say give them a slap on the wrist but I’m definitely sure if wordfilters on a whole are a good idea.


    I’m in favor of any method, no matter how harsh, that cuts down on trolling.


    Anyone posting “FIRST” on any website should be banned from the site and sterilized.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “I need you know that what fark is doing is annoying as shit”
    Is word replacement what happened to that sentence?


    The other problem is that people will find ways to circumvent it.


    I say three day bans. I’m sure that would take some effort on your part, Tiki, but it’s an idea. It would, after all, suck to get banned if you happened to use the word first incidentally while also making the first post. Then again, no one would ever use that words in a seminal post again.


    Never been to, never said “first comment” and never will. Trolls and first comment dipshits should be punished.




    I’ve never understood what upsets people about first. I’ve always seen it as one of those classic internet traditions: A way to leave your mark on an epic thread. Like a way to say “I was there man.” You don’t think that John Hancock wasn’t clamouring in a rush to have the most famous first post in History?

    So I guess the real question is, why do you all hate America?


    i agree with pantscomeoff

    Howie Feltersnatch

    How can you have spent more than five minutes on the net and NOT have visited It’s like not knowing what a LOLcat is, or never having heard of All Your Base Are Belong To Us.

    Do I remember the first time I visited Shit, dude, I don’t remember the first time I visited TODAY.

    Brevity Truta

    I guess it’s for people who’ve given up on being that Fabled Being – the Mighty Thread Killer. Now Last Post called and won, even just by Being is really cool. Let ’em have their jollies, if the picture’s provoking enough, or subsequent comments, the good calls will come.

    In short – it would take more than a bunch of first post calls to shut the people ’round here up.