DDR 1X SSD ram drive

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    Dance Dance Revolution?


    WUT? If it is what I think it is….WANT! (badly!)


    This is an old version of the iRAM.


    the iRam, and definately this thing, in comparison to modern SSD HDs, sucks.


    I am with you. If it is what I think you think it is . I want it too.

    if your first name is Jon you share the name of one of my favorite producers/composer/musicians.


    Why the hell would you get this when there are already a billion other SSD’s already on the market?Plus, volatile RAM for a bootable drive? are you fucking kidding me ? Cool concept if you are trying to expand your MOBO’s RAM but i can’t help but feel that 1x is a bottle neck.


    SO WANT!

    It would be SO amazing in a boot raid, where one drive is a 10k and the other iRAM. If it ever failed it would rebuild at super speed! Imagine TWO in a raid? It would be epic. These things are SO FAST, faster than SSDs for sure, as DDR is the speed king, the only problem becomes buying all that DDR!


    oh and thelotuseater, it’s battery-backed by a wee 9v battery that lasts for like a week if your AC fails. Besides, why would you even think about high-performance storage without a backup battery?


    Yes, DDR ram is really high performance, i mean it’s not like we are at ddr2 or ddr3. It’s not like we have solid state non volatile flash drives that would probably out perform this…


    Erm guys… this is from 2006… of course there are better alternatives nowadays…


    Funny, because IF YOU READ THE DDR2 SPEC, only two of its highest speeds are faster than DDR1, and those are hella expensive. DDR1 is hands-down more performance per buck, DDR2 cheaper. Yes it runs faster but ALSO takes twice as long to retrieve data, and I personally am a latency man, so that ticks me right off. Also, SSD drives are still 10x slower than this, they are still flash, with lots of cache, hehe.


    …wow….just wow. I hope i am as smert as you one day.


    also good luck when you lose your boot files and partitions and program installs because you forgot to change a fucking battery.


    This is before the iRAM, circa 2003, before they decided to stick batteries on these. So you couldn’t use it as a boot device – it would just be a place to store that file you’re video editing for quick transfer to onboard RAM.


    Though to be fair, power could be supplied by the power cable. But the minute that gets tripped over and all your power goes out, you’re screwed.

    I was looking at the iRAM in 2003, and it worked out around 400GBPs for two in RAID. Y’know, before Samsung got done for price fixing RAM.


    How about just using it for your damn swap file?

    That’d speed up your system enough as is…


    I’m guessing this lets you have more RAM?

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