still legal in the U.K. !

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I know it’s probably more American than the world series 🙂 but we can still have them here in the U.K. ( kind of ! )

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    I thought guns were illegal in the UK. Doesn’t everyone carry around what we Americans call razor blades as weapons?


    What kind of charging handle latch is on the middle one? Never seen a round one.

    Mostly used PRi gas busters and Badger Ord ones.


    Wait a minute? Assault rifles are legal but Katanas aren’t?


    these arent illegal in the south


    Im talking about the UK.


    Guns are fine & legal in the UK, aside from automatic weapons, which are completely banned, unless they’ve been modified to no longer be automatic. Of course, if you know enough about guns to be willing to spend the kind of money in acquiring ones like these, removing said modification is fairly trivial.


    Silly British, Airsoft is not real guns…Well at least enjoy them before they get confiscated.


    It’s only handguns and automatics that are banned in the UK, and automatic handguns of course. You can buy a shotgun (um.. not pump action, or sawn off) or a rifle (probably not anything you could kill a tank with) with a licence, which isn’t hard to get as long as you don’t have a record for violent crime. Katanas are legal, most swords are, but you can’t wave them around in public without a good reason (reinactment or martial arts of some kind).