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Don’t ask for a reach-around

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    And beware of the dismount…


    Don’t be a fag mantis and you don’t have to worry about the reach-around. And if you are going to be a gay mantis at least be the one doing the pitching and not catching.


    Considering it’s the female mantises that bite the heads off their male mates, your homophobia is especially moronic.


    It is a known fact that the female is the one that bites the head off of the male. I will give you that. Decapitation is not what is being discussed here. However a reach around is. If a male and female are having sex how is the female to give a reach around? So go give your boyfriend a rim job and stop acting as if this is the National Geographic channel.


    If I was a mantis I’d prolly go queer.




    : Come on, you never had a girl fuck your ass with a strap on and jerk you off at the same time?
    Then you’ve never lived!

    tiki god

    honestly, it’s one of the best orgasms you’ll ever have.


    Well at least not this week. It is only Monday.


    So this dude was pounding Toof in the ass and he reaches around to grab Toof’s horn, so Toof slaps his hand and calls him a fag. What a homophobe…

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