Les Machines de l’ile Nantes

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I was in Nantes (FR) recently and took these fenomenal pictures in their exibit, read more here www.ochblog.com/2008/09/09/les_machines_de_lile_nantes/ and in my Flickr-link you will find more pics www.flickr.com/photos/ochblog/sets/72157607198700794/

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    in b4 bitching-about-france shitstorm

    Luke Magnifico

    Are these the same guys who made La Princesse?

    Also, *phenomenal.


    Lucky you!
    That’s awesome. Nice shots!


    Dude, if there’s any time I would complain about the French, it sure wouldn’t be when I’m looking at steam punk robots.


    I don’t know. You folks all bitch about Asians on the perfect titties threads. I just assumed your bitching was too blind and persistent to bother distinguishing between things.


    The spider is certainly more epic.That Squid could have been bigger too. I have nothing against French. They enjoy eating, drinking and fucking. What’s not to like? Although they are pretty snotty at times, but so are we.


    By “we”, do you mean surfers? It makes sense, all that sand on the beach, some of it’s bound to get into your vagina now and again.

    Brevity Truta

    No, I think he meant Bulgarians.

    The deep sea angler fish is fantastic. It’d look great in the garden by the front porch with a lantern hanging off the lantern-hanger. The way the wheels go the ‘wrong’ way makes it.

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