Beach Panorama

pano0.jpg (43 KB)

I took this in July at Oak Island, NC. Pleasant.

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    Holy shit, I’ve been in that exact spot, one of my dads friends owns a rental house down there that he lets us stay in for free, I love OKI. Though during low tide if you take a jet ski out of one of the inlets youll get stuck on sand so much it aint funny.


    Don’t remember the name of the house, thought it was rather neat how all the houses were name though. The name of the guy that owned the place was Bob Thurbon if that helps at all, was two stories(not including the under the house stilted are), two big plasma screen tvs inside, nice kitchen, dining table, sleeper sofa and bunkbeds upstairs along with a master bedroom ans bathroom.


    Looks like a nice place to crack a beer and chill at the beach. Never been to the East Coast.


    I’ve been to Oak Island. When I started hearing banjo music- I left.


    I think I’ve been here before also… NC does have some really sweet beaches…