Aw Snap Google Chrome

AW_SNAP_Google_Chrome_error.jpg (317 KB)

It seems the folks at Google have a sense of humor. I got this message whilst trying to log on to John K’s blog.

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    I uninstalled that piece of shit software yesterday.


    I can’t think of anything wrong with it, I fail to see how it’s a piece of shit.


    Maybe it’s because you’re a piece of shit as well.

    Am I the only one on the internet that thinks Google should stick only to web searching? I personally don’t like the shit software products Google puts out like they did with their crummy browser and now they’re releasing a cheap-ass iPhone lookalike.


    I love me a good troll


    I do agree they should stick to just Web Searching, it won’t be long now before I see a Google drink.

    But Google’s Chrome is not half bad, I enjoy it more than FF.

    Then again I’m an Official Firefox Hater.


    The whole point of Google releasing Chrome was to put it out there for other folks to build on. It’s all open source.

    Firefox can learn a thing or two from Chrome. I can be scrolling through MCS on Chrome before Firefox is even finished opening my homepage.


    Apparently none of you faggots ever heard of Opera.


    Opera is for faggots.

    – Why do you hate firefox?


    I don’t hate the browser itself as much as the fans that try to shove it down everyone else’s throat. I only use it when IE7 has an issue with something (mainly cookies).


    I had opera and I can’t say I miss it. FF3 works fine for me. I avoid IE like the plague.


    Trust Google,their not evil.In fact except for the search engine their not much at all,really.(Yahoo Mail fan)

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