Obama Campaign Slogans

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    The Republican Douche that made these can die of a horrible venereal disease.


    Why do you assume it was a republican?

    I think these are funny, just as I laugh at McCain jokes. If you can’t stand anyone making fun of your candidate/savior/strange fantasy then maybe you should stay at home and watch MSNBC or Fox.



    maybe you should die. Nice name.


    Oh shit. Inb4political shitstorm/Caio’s racism.


    The thing is… the McCain jokes are funny because they’re true. Whoever comes up with this shit has to really really really stretch (apparently you can stretch the truth so far it becomes an absolute lie).

    Insinuating that Obama has some measure of responsibility for the, “sudden,” economic crisis? Seriously? Really?

    Come on, you can’t swallow that. If you can, I have this book you should read about how the world was created in six days. This reality shit might be a little too complicated for you. Lucky you though, we have religion. It can completely replace this pesky reality thing for you, in a heaertbeat.

    Sorry McCain fumbled the debates last night. Guess he’s not such a foreign policy mastermind after all.


    angrymatt, you’re such an Obama-hack it’s not even funny.

    According to Drudge Report, McCain won the debate 68% to 30%. Guess Obama isn’t all he’s cracked up to be.


    drudge report? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Nobody beta talk nutin bad about mah Obama!

    Fucking left wing nuts come out of the woodwork to cry again.

    Shut the fuck up. You’re just mad because at least one of those apply to you. lol

    I swear half these gangly little bitches would pray to that buck toothed retard if they had the option.

    teezy weezy

    Obama! I’d rather have 4 more of Bush and he’s a twat.


    again… you have to make stuff up to criticize.

    Keep talking, you’re all making my point for me.

    Arguments with you people are easy.


    geez, people.

    Tiki has as big a boner for Obama as i’ve seen, and he is the one who posted these…



    drudge report? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

    According to Mark Halperin, “Drudge’s coverage affects the media’s political coverage”, effectively steering the media’s political coverage towards what Halperin calls “the most salacious aspects of American politics.” In The Way To Win, a book written by Halperin and John Harris, Drudge is called “the Walter Cronkite of his era.” Democratic Party strategist Chris Lehane says “phones start ringing” whenever Drudge breaks a story, and Mark McKinnon, a former media advisor to George W. Bush, says he checks the site 30–40 times per day.


    I like humor, but not completely basless humor based on ignorance. I found this funny, but i was laughing at the ignorance of who made it. Universal healthcare isn’t the same as having the government seize all private assets and have complete control over the economy. Obama has managed something. He was a community organizer. You might have recalled Palin making fun of it, and looking ignorant and out-of-touch in the process. Diplomacy isn’t appeasement, and ending the war in Iraq and continuing the war in Afghanistan isn’t pacifism. Obama also has no intention of blowing up buildings in the name of religious extremism.


    More of the same stupidity. I’m with pwnerade. I’ve seen some great Obama humor, poking fun at him and giving him grief. And I laugh. But this bullshit is just pointless, and it’s made by people who are being lead around by the mass media by the nose. But go ahead and vote McCain because you’re uninformed. I’ll take me tax cut, thanks.

    Also of note: the “facts” that you’re quoting from the Drudge Report are from a viewer poll. They hold no baring whatsoever when you consider that the Drudge report is an EXTREMELY conservative news site. Every other major news organization is saying that the debate last night was a draw. Better luck next time kid.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    ^^ bearing

    and as a third party observer from Canada its clearly the blind Obama lovers who are lead around by the media.

    Left wing people are more annoying because they have NO sense of humour. They’re dicks who can’t take a joke. Like teachers and the like.

    So fuck that Obama asshole because you like him. Because he’s a politician and yet you think he’s honest. And mostly because if he does win you’ll have to start making excuses for him and why he ends up doing a poor job running your country.


    1) The first time I read the drudge report I thought it was a satirical site. At first I was sad, and then very amused that people actually read that tripe for information.

    2) I do have a sense of humor. Also, I am a registered Independent, not a Democrat, and not a blind Obama follower. The problem is, the so-called jokes about Obama aren’t funny. They’re desperate and sad. I don’t have a boner for him, or necessarily think that he somehow transcends American politics and will bring some sense of honor and righteousness to the White House. The first thing he has in his favor is, he is not McCain. A McCain presidency would continue to weaken this country by further selling our interests and security to globally funded corporations. A McCain presidency would allow the right to further limit MY rights and MY privileges all because they are a bunch of self-loathing perverts.

    Ever find it interesting how whenever Senator Obama reveals a plan or policy Bush/McCain condemn the shit out of it, and then scramble their asses off IMPLEMENTING it.

    Please stop implying that the American Media is somehow liberal. Saying that is an insult to us real Liberals.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I can stop saying it all you want but its pretty obviously true to anyone with eyes and a brain.

    Your bias is obvious and your inability to admit to it is typical of people with your allegiances.

    That’s why the leftists suck. They won’t ever admit to anything. Cowards.

    Politics is gay. Liberal politics is gay with a side of superAIDS.

    Doctor Thompson

    blahblahblah trolltrolltroll. jesus, do you guys understand the point of a joke? was it funny? no. but christ don’t get so offended.


    angrymatt, honestly let’s get some perspective. You think the McCain jokes are funny, and you support Obama. Most likely, people who support McCain find this funny and not the McCain jokes. The only rational conclusion is that you only don’t find this funny because you support Obama. Think about that.

    diabeetus, it’s pretty provable that Drudge Report, despite being an aggregate news portal, has a conservative slant. Not much, but it’s there. Evidence: You read FactCheck.org? Good unbiased site. Drudge recently linked to a FactCheck article that debunked all those stupid nasty email rumors concerning Palin. However, Drudge has NEVER linked to any of the 10 recent FactCheck articles debunking the myth that Obama wants to raise taxes on the middle class, and in fact links to news sites discussing Obama raising taxes.


    Also, I’ll say it for you guys; tl:dr.

    And this particular series of pictures is definitely satirical and ironic in nature.


    ignorance, anyone?


    at this point all semblance of “debate” between both parties supporters just sounds like “Derp de der dum derp de derpde derp de dum”

    That’s right. We reached Rob Schneiderian levels of pointless.


    “The same bland, boring rhetoric swallowed whole by college students”

    If any, THAT one is true 😀


    Talking about polls…


    Just my two cents on the matter.


    Exacerbate, did you just call me a racist while simultaneously defending a Watermelon joke as legitimate rhetoric?

    Yeah, this election isn’t partisan at all man.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    What’s wrong with watermelons? They are delicious.


    Nope. I’m looking through my post trying to find a place where I did defend it.







    HAHAHA Warermelons for all HAHAHA I get it….


    “Oh shit. Inb4political shitstorm/Caio’s racism.” != “I think the watermelon thing is fine, but Caio is a racist.”


    I’m always late to the interesting bitch fests.

    Who won the debate? Nobody.

    Now, who lost the debate? McCain.

    McCain was the underdog going into this debate, he needed to reverse the momentum, and foreign policy is his strongest area. Unfortunately he didn’t deliver the knock out blow. Obama held his own.

    It is also obvious that McCain is going to suffer image issues in these debates. He whistles like a gopher when he talks, he talks down to his opponent like an old man, he can’t raise his hands over his head, he’s significantly shorter than Obama with no neck, and he can’t look at Obama because it’s the only way he can control his temper.

    I also couldn’t stop looking at that stupid line graph of the opinion of Democrats, Republicans, & Independents that was always scrolling at the bottom of the screen. At first it was pretty even, but near the end the Independent line would go up steadily as Obama spoke, then dive sharply when McCain spoke, only to rise very slowly towards the middle. It sharply dived whenever McCain attacked Obama, or when Obama tried to defend Iraq for some reason. The only time it really remained high for McCain is when he talked about Iran. It’s just too bad for him that that was the last debate that he’ll *really* have a chance to talk about Iran with the current economic crises.


    Kinda funny.

    Alec Dalek

    It’s okay. This illustrates the point that, try as they might, they just can’t come up with anything that actually makes Obama look worse than farty pants McCain.


    More proof that conservatives cannot be bothered to find out what the truth actually is. In short, they lie.


    Man, I haven’t seen this much crying and whining outside a daycare center in well, ever since the last time someone poked fun at Obama.



    Wow, Obama’s Sheeple (sheep+people) really got their wool all matted and messed up. All because they got a taste of their own stupid over-the-top political rambleings. Get over yourselves.

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