Is Your Pc Slow As Balls?

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    maybe you should empty your spam folder?


    Thinking of applying to RPI, eh? Troy’s cold as balls in the winter.


    Spam folder? doesn’t count against your storage total, and auto deletes after 30 days. no need to even remember it’s there.


    So what’s your email address kg4mxz?


    What’s so embarrassing about an “Unable to connect to server” message that warrants it being blurred out?


    No wonder it gave you that advert, look at how many things are open in the task bar… Oh and iTunes is for monkey fuckers.


    iTunes is free. Only idiots who don’t know how to use piratebay buy stuff from it.

    tiki god

    sure it’s free. but it’s a shitty music program, and a reeeally shitty media manager. foobar2k ftw.


    Oh wait, I read “monkey fuckers” as “money fuckers” and thought he was talking about how expensive the store is. Sorry ’bout that.

    Anyway, it’s way better at sorting music than WMP or Winamp, so I don’t know why you say it’s a shitty media manager. It’s essentially a database program with a media player attached. And it plays mp3s, which is the only sort of music file I have or need. So I have no problems with it.

    Dunno what foobar is though.

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