Emilie Autumn

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Emilie Autumn


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    I have two of her albums. She’s a decent violinist, but her non-instrumental stuff is nauseating.

    Of course, she has boobs and a vagina, so artistic merit is moot point as far as internet culture is concerned.




    Who cares about talent if shes a hotty. 2008 no one wants to listen to the violin anyways.

    Side note: gotta be ell gettin’ in and out of that “outfit” every time she has to perform.

    teezy weezy

    err, who?


    My jaw actually dropped when i saw this.

    She is by far one of my favourite musicians ever.

    She’s hot as fuck, (Although unfortunately she photoshops herself to fuck in certain photos, but trust me, she’s amazing in real life)

    Been to both her past london dates and i’m seeing her on about october 4th.

    She’s recently developed a completely faggot fan base, which is depressing, but she keeps the music coming.

    Immah post some of my previous gig photos, cause, if i say so myself, some of them are fucking awesome.

    I love some of her instrumental shizzle, like manic depression, seeing as halfway through it just throws you into a retro computer game boss fight!


    Never heard of her.


    love her appearance, not sure about the music… will check it out…

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    This ain’t yo daddy’s violin playa!

    But its still a violin.

    Thumbs down for the violin.

    Thumbs up for the needy chick who would probably do some of the stuff regular chicks won’t do cause she’s needy.


    sort of guro loli innit she?

    still, her appearance intrigues me. I wish to subscribe to her newsletter….


    surprised i haven’t put these up before being a long-time muffin, she’s gone from unknown covering bach to now being sold at best buy and hot profit


    def a nom


    Lol King i see what you did there


    Really Elepski? Cuz I dont like Violin music? ok…..

    ( rolls eyes )


    Definitely worth a poke in the butt.


    Wow, I’m surprised to see her pics here. Hot, intelligent, and makes cool music. And she is my age. Definitely om nom nom


    She played with the Foo Fighters when they were on tour. Saw them and her and she was outstanding!
    Of course Dave and the boys put on a hell of a show.


    Have to say until I saw these pictures I had no idea who she was.

    I’ll be honest and say I still don’t know much about her other than I do like some of her music and om nom nom.


    Oh my goodness.


    I love her and her music

    Alec Dalek

    Wow, that’s some beautiful paint. There’s so much added to the exterior of this woman, it makes me think she must be very very plain with out it. I’ll pass.


    i was just listening to Dead is the New Alive yesterday. i fucking love her.

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