Bush Accidentally the Economy

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    keep /b/ on /b/.


    I saw you on /b/, Gunface. And I freaked you out.


    /b/ is everywhere at home.
    Even in your pants.
    Especially in your pants.


    On Gunface01’s myspace profile:

    Oh well hay dere don’tchyaknow. I’m Jon. I have a penis. I’m 16 and I live in a small town called Washington Township in Crapjersey. I make the ladies swoon with my mad drum skillz.I enjoy such activities as chilling with bro’s/broette’s, videogames, going to shows and concerts, metal playing air instruments, and eating fine Wawa cuisine.I listen to every type of music from metal to metal, and sometimes even metal, with a tad of metal and if I’m in the mood, alternative rock and jazz.If you orgasmed reading this, you’ll do so even harder talking to me in person… I Am Jon Sudano

    For some reason, after reading that, I really fucking hate you. Thought you’d like to know.


    Hell, I like this. Memes aren’t bad when done right.


    In an odd occurrence of agreeing with diabeetus, I too hate gunface.


    Shit, I haven’t changed that in 2 years.

    Thanks for reminding me, goize.


    Course you havent, mate.

    I hate gunface too.

    Doctor Thompson

    I too have joined the hating gunface train.


    You guys aren’t gonna believe this but…I’ve had sex with Gunface.

    It was 2 years ago…

    HI JON!!

    Alec Dalek

    4Chan is not cool anymore, now that EVERYONE knows about it, like folks on here. We’ve all moved to a new site, and no I won’t reveal the location, except that it involves lots of Sasha Grey.

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