Bill Ayers

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Bill Ayers is voting for Obama.

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    Of course he is. Look at what he’s doing to a representation of the USA.


    Point being…?


    why the hell does this douche have the flag on the ground?




    … Back from Wikipedia. Fuck his opinion.


    WHy would it matter if it’s on the ground?

    It still represents the same bullcrap.

    USA is *made* by its people, they should have the right to treat the flag however they want.


    I think he’s an asshole but what’s the point of saying he’s voting for Obama?


    If you were in need of a federal government security clearance as a condition for employment you would be turned down flat for associating with Ayers or his wife Bernadine Dohrn.



    Are you daft?

    The point is he appears to be stepping on it.

    Don’t tread on me.


    The rest of North America ain’t doing anything better with it, might as well use it as a door mat.

    Flags don’t mean anything to me, all this patriotic pride (from any country) is just the most basic and superficial propaganda to me. It makes people arrogant, competitive and downright assholes.


    Who fucking cares who’s voting for either candidate. If you vote based on someone else’s vote, you’re a fucking sheep and don’t deserve the right to vote at all. Make up your own goddamn mind on the issue.


    Bill Ayers is voting for Obama.


    George Bush is voting for McCain.


    Like most of the people here even know who Bill Ayers is.

    And no Bill Ayers is not voting for Obama or anyone else.

    Douchebag is a felon.


    most states allow felons to vote after certain requirements have been met, such as if their time out exceeds the time the spent in the pokey, blah blah blah….


    Please please please tell me youse guys are joking that you don’t know who Bill Ayers is, and who he is to Obama. Please. I know the mainstream media hasn’t really talked about him, but for God’s sake, you’ve got the Internet to educate yourselves.


    Please also look up the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. The article you’re linking is fairly old, and more has come out since then.

    I could link a couple hundred articles leaning one way or another here, I’m hoping that people here are intelligent enough to go do the research and decide for themselves.


    I figured it was a start, that’s all.


    Posting a seven-month-old blog post ‘as a start’ instead of posting something recent, unbiased, and factual is a pretty strong indicator that you know there’s something that needs to be hidden.


    Whatever. You want a fight about something in which we don’t even disagree? Fuckin’ ridiculous.


    Some people just have sand in their vagagas Nyokki, don’t sweat it.


    McCain’s pastor thinks it’s Gods Will to attack Iran, Palin’s Pastor hunts witches. Six Degrees of Separation is so much fun! Of course none of this is on the news either.

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