Unpatriotic American

Anyone else notice who wasn’t wearing an American Flag lapel pin?  Yeah, it’s McCain.


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    tiki god

    also, did anyone notice that Palin was unable to do the follow up response to Biden? they had to pull up 9/11 mayor Rudy for that.


    I’ve read this like 4 times. Are you call Mccain unpatriotic ? Because that’s like the most preposterous thing I’ve ever heard of.


    calling* My bad


    Matt Kirby are you dense? How many times did Obama get called a Muslim foreign unamerican for forgetting his lapel pin one day several months ago.

    Now McCain has done the same thing and it’s no big deal?


    That means he must be a terrorist…FEED HIM TO THE SHARKTICONS!!!!!


    MattKirby – know your history, and know the intent of rhetoric.


    The real question is “who fucking cares?” It was stupid when republicans bitched about the whole lapel thing and it is equally asinine to bitch about mccain.


    Hey he was a POW, so everything he does is patriotic and justified! It doesn’t matter how much he lies or changes his positions or loses his temper when he’ll have his finger on the button…HE WAS A POW DAMMIT! Respect his authoritah!

    Brevity Truta

    He was a POW? The lapel pin’s up his ASS then.


    Mc cain looked like he was gnna have a stroke at the podium.




    LOL, I haven’t watched it yet (lovs the TiVo), was he trying to pronounce Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

    tiki god

    oh man, he tried like 4 times to say that dude’s name.


    At least he tried… gotta love the people who just don’t try at all

    Snarky Parker

    Sounds like how everybody was talking back in 04′ when Kerry used his elaborate wording over Bush’s. Cheney ate Edwards alive, btw. Just remember who won in 2004… o_O


    I registered just to say, to hell with the lapel pin already!


    To go ahead and put it out there…I’m a democrat.. But questioning someones patriotism based on whether or not they are wearing a US flap lapel pin is absurd. John McCain’s level of allegiance is illustrated by his choice of campaign staff. big oil and big banking

    teezy weezy

    Shoot anyone not wearing a badge :cock:


    Obama got slammed because he said that wearing the flag pin was phony patriotism, that it was a substitute for real patriotism. Then he turned around and started wearing the pin. Was he full of shit then or full of shit now?

    The correct answer is Yes.


    Brevity Truta wins thread.


    I thought it was one of the most boring debates in a long time. I could stop looking at that stupid graph at the bottom of the page, though. Seemed like the independent opinion steadily grew whenever Obama spoke, and SHARPLY dived whenever McCain started talking, only to grow a little again. The one time McCain really made that independent line rise was when he spoke on Iran. He should use that, and stop attacking Obama. Even the Republican approval line went down during those attacks. Hard to believe, huh? Otherwise, this was McCain’s debate to win. Momentum was against… Read more »



    was i the only on that noticed?

    and yes, Brecity Truta is currently winning this thread


    I thought McCain looked like a grumpy tired old man up past his bedtime and Obama just didn’t ratchet up the rhetoric. I kept waiting for Obama to really get it together. The only time he did was when he listed what McCain was wrong about, concerning Iraq. I did have to laugh though, when McCain compared Obama to Bush.


    Palin v. Biden, that will be interesting. A hockey mom debating with a seasoned politician. Should be good.


    Obama is over-compensating.

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