Curta Mechanical Calculator

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A nifty little mechanical calculator from WWII. A really powerful tool for what it was. Only thing was, you actually had to know your mathematics in order to use it effectively…

Found Here:

Demo Clip:


More Info:

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    But will it grind coffee?

    Brevity Truta

    To that coffe grinder quip (it does, doesn’t it?) I considered a joke about making rough field pi from prime cuts but I like it for the way it looks, not the fact I understand maths, and the joke probably would fall flatter than this explanation.

    I need coffee >.>


    @Brevity Truta
    I lol’d.


    Oh and short balance?

    Brevity Truta

    Is that like a flat white but with no milk and sugar cubed?

    Call me Brevity, or Brevs, too, cuz it’s Briefer, Nyoki =)


    As much as I would enjoy sugar cubed if I could, nothing could induce me to drink coffee (flat white or otherwise), which is strange because I absolutely love the smell of brewing coffee and will occasionally add it when I make chocolate frosting.


    In behind Willian Gibson by , what??, 5 years?
    Still an amazingly cool idea, excellent look.


    Never had to worry about batterys.


    Gotta loves the mocha.

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