Das Bier

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I went to Oktoberfest in Munich. These were very large mugs of beers.

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    They are called “ein mass”, or one liter of beer.


    Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa BEER!


    Fortunately the beer served like that is fairly low in alcohol content… otherwise sclerosis treatment would be Germany’s national pastime.


    Ich habe immer nur einfach Großbier gesagt, aber ich fahre auch nie nach Bayern. Es ist das Texas von Deutschland. Groß, arrogant, und komische Kleidung.

    Viva la Baden-Württemberg!


    : I agree good beer is about the flavor… not how fast you get hammered…


    So was there hearty breasted girls?…. it seems to be required part… one that I fully support




    The second link, third to the right.I’ll take her!


    That’s woman beer… the REAL Oktoberfest beer is down in Bavaria, go to Munich (or München) the women bring out 10 1L glasses at a time (10.5 lbs of beer in each hand)


    Damn. I have some work to do here.

    Maß or maßkrug is correct. Mass is acceptable if pronounced correctly. The 1 liter is correct.

    Completely wrong on the alcohol content. Festbier is not weak, although it drinks like it is weak. E.g. Weihenstephaner festbier (the beer your likely to drink at Octoberfest) is almost 6% ABV. Same goes for Spaten Fetsbier.

    Bayern ist total Geil. Baden-Württemberg is nicht so Schleccht, aber es war besser als Königsreich Württemberg (furchtlos und treu!). Stuttgart is auch Geil, aber es ist kein München. (as a side note – Bavaria has the best education in all of Germany – unlike Texas)

    Womans beer??? Hacker-Pschorr is one of the better beers in München. The brewery was founded before Columbus was born, let alone discovered America. Hacker-Pschorr Festbier is typically 5.8% ABV. Definitely not woman beer. Unless you mean Bavarian woman beer. But that is a woman who could kick your ass. They look cute in a Dirndl.




    Damn skippy!




    they could at least give you a full beer

    that bartender gives shitty head


    Nah nate, that’s just the way it’s done on the continent; they give about a quarter’s worth of head.
    Crazy, I know. Here in England, I’d be shot if I did that in my job.
    The demarcation line (ie. where it says ‘1 litre’) is a lot lower on the glasses to accommodate. And their beer is fucking nice.

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