15,000 Posts on MCS

Sometime in the last week, we broke the 15,000 posts mark here on MCS.  Yay!  Thank you all for stopping by and making the site such a lively place.  I love all of you like the unique little snowflakes you are!  How did you happen to learn of m[c]s?

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    A friend linked a picture from here. Been hooked ever since. Quality stuff.


    Think i stumbled here via fark or digg. Addicting and funny. Great work Tiki


    I have no idea how I found m[c]s, but am glad I did. Thanx tiki.


    I found it through a link from a webcomic. Thanks for all the hard work Tiki and thanks to all of you, (yes I mean all, even the douchey ones), for collectively making MCS the delightfully disfunctional family that it has become.


    Clicked a link or something . . . I think?


    I found it from a link at www.paratrooper.net


    Was looking for filthy pic… I mean, looking for Warhammer 40K images and stumbled upon this web site.


    About one and a half years ago?

    used google image to look for a picture of the PS3 controller, found a picture from this site of a PS4 controller with 5 analogue sticks, been visiting ever since.


    I fell into a wormhole and was taken here.


    I was looking for tips on how to commit suicide by asphyxiating myself in a small, confined space.
    But the internet memes gave me reason to live.


    I was doing an image search for Coke and the Diet Coke with Bacon came up. That was so long ago. *sniff*

    Is there any way to tell what order people signed up in Tiki?


    No freaking idea.


    Someone sent me a picture of a wiener dog drinking a Taco Bell soda from a straw. That led me to Bits & Pieces, which eventually led me to here.


    first time when digg crashed M[C]S


    I do know this, though…I got bored one day and went ALL the way back through the archives, and I’ve seen every picture that’s been posted since I started visiting the site, so I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every MCS picture. God, what a waste of bandwidth, LOL!


    I can’t remember how I found this place. I think I found a link to it on another blog.

    But I do remember thinking “This blog is full of Awesome and Win. I officially dub thee Phyreblades new most favorite blog…” 😀


    A friend… so I started watching… it took me forever to make an account and actually start commenting.


    i was looking for cthulu images and i fin the demotivational posters dedicated to it and then i got hooked. thanks tiki.


    Looking for Images of JDs probably.


    i think I saw a link on cracked.com about a year ago

    been coming back everyday since 🙂


    I was told about this place by a friend, goes by slackinator on here


    “A friend… so I started watching… it took me forever to make an account and actually start commenting.”

    same here, only started commenting like last week.
    Been coming here as often as possible for about a year now.

    Thank you Tiki, and thank God that this site isn’t blocked at my school; when they started blocking email, it was annoying and a little depressing, but if they ever found out about this site, and blocked it, I would die, and this is a really really really rally really really long sentence.


    Stumbled upon it and I’ve been coming everyday since.

    Jesus Christ

    A nigra stole my bike and said, “I BLAME MYCONFINEDSPACE.COM

    So I came here to look at wtf he was talking about.

    Seriously though, linked by Kaze.

    Which happened to be said forementioned nigra. <3


    I was trying to edit my myspace page and oops.


    Divided by zero… O SHII–


    sent a picture that linked to another site that mentioned MCS


    This is my first comment. I was googling for cthulhu images. The first image was the cthulhu coins.
    Since then I was lurking here every day and learned a lot of memes. Great site!

    Sorry for my poor engrish. Greetings from Argentina.

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