Scary Banana

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    In before “shopped”.


    Anyone who ethinks this is remotely even photoshoppd is foolish and god darn ignorant.

    This is evidently very real. And or proposes a great risk to the entire banana eating community.

    It will also hit the banana economy quite hard, and i’m sure many banana producing companies will go bust.

    But they deserve it
    Who the fuck sets up a company just for selling bananas?


    Not shopped. I have three of these trees in my back yard.


    Tastes like creamy chicken with a hint of venom.


    Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring bananasnake!


    Take that, Kirk Cameron & Jesus!

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    The kirk cameron thing always makes me laugh, because the bananas that you buy at the grocery store are not natural at all.


    It must be real cause I’s skeered of it. Besides, you can tell it’s real by the pixels.



    i’m totally gonna take a syringe full of chicken stock and inject a banana with it.

    unsuspecting fools, muahahahahaahahahaa.


    In soviet russia, Banana eats you!


    Lol, a little googling real, natural bananas are squat and almost round and have huge seeds. Good call reboot.


    As outofocus pointed out, there are a lot of different kinds of bananas. The one you described is just one of them. There are also the short squat red ones, and also bananas that look like the ones you get at your local supermarket, except they occur naturally.

    The main difference between the ones that grow naturally in the tropics and the ones that are shipped overseas is that they are generally specific genetic strains that are bred for their ability to ripen over a longer period of time than normal, even after being cut from the tree.

    These bananas are actually picked and shipped while still green, so to speak, so that by the time they reach their destination, they are almost already ripe, and are usually fully ripened within a few days of hitting the shelves at the store…

    Most of the indigenous strains would have gone bad by the time they reached our shores…

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