King of hearts

King of hearts 2.jpg (500 KB)

Something I did randomly 🙂

check out my deviant art for more:

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    20 Responses ttto King of hearts

    1. suicydking says:

      This is relevant to my interests.
      suicydking = Suicide King = King of Hearts.

    2. garbledxmission says:

      Lovely, another frigging emotard who probably has six pubes collectively. Nice hair in your pic BTW. You are sooooo original.

      Goddamn sheeple.

    3. Recondomoe says:

      Yep, that’s random alright.

    4. aproximation says:

      Its fun to rip on people. It keeps me believing that I am better then everyone else, and makes my pathetic existence seem less pointless…
      …uneducated narcissistic bastard.

      MCRMatt2008: I like it! Conceptually it is on the cliche side of things. Regardless it’s still quite visually appealing.

    5. suicydking says:

      Hating on emotards is sooooo original too.

      Goddamn sheeple.

    6. garbledxmission says:

      @aprox. Did you use your whole weeks worth of words of the day to write your little rebuttal?
      His work is unoriginal, sloppy and rips off banksy. Badly.(you did mention cliche in your comment did you not?) It would have been visually appealing had he not used that lame smiley face. Did you even look at his webpage? He’s another emoclone with all the life experience of a mayfly. So why shouldn’t I rip on him?

      I find it interesting that you made assumptions about me knowing nothing about me. All I did was insult him after seeing his page and the info about him contained therein. It kind of makes you look like a bit of a hypocritical twat.

      @suicydking. I know ripping on them isn’t new. I never said it was. I was pointing out that his work was unoriginal. No more, no less. The fact that he belongs to a subculture of a subculture just makes him that much more derivative.

    7. Puulaahi says:

      Cool art man, very Banksy. Ignore these over opinionated douches and keep on keepin’ on. I am sure you are harder on yourself than these guys are anyhow.

    8. garbledxmission says:

      How do you manage to see his “art” with your head so far up his ass?

      Over opinionated douche….I like that.

      If Banksy knew you’d rated this crap alongside his work he’d slap the shit out of your mother for having you. At best it’s the Trig Palin of the Banksy family.

      Keep on keepin on….jeebus. You go there Joe Dirt.

    9. Puulaahi says:

      Banksy is a ghost. Nobody has ever seen him. My heads is no where near my ass, thanks. I can appreciate people doing their own art. You should try it. You seem to be the one with the problem garbledxmission.

    10. Banksy’s whole schtick is anonymity, so he’s about as unattached to his ego as could be. The punching comment made me laugh – quite ridiculous.

      Hardly original or clever to be rude about deviant art(ists) when there’s an ED page devoted to it. Old news, really, and besides, there’s some really creative stuff there.

    11. kuTTer says:

      i think its cool. good job. keep it up!!
      dont mind the haters. ppl will always hate – rise above it!

    12. garbledxmission says:

      Yes there are pages devoted to deviant art. This just doesn’t happen to qualify as good art. Never claimed to be original in my derision of his work, in fact I already stated that above. Never claimed to hate all deviant artists as you seem to being implying, just don’t like this particular piece. I believe that is my right as much as it is for you to like it. If he can’t handle the critique he’d better quit making art now. As for Bansky, since he is quite unknown, how would you know his opinions on others’ poor emulations of his work? He certainly has a problem with the banal, mundane and the status quo, so emulation sites full of mediocre imitations just might get his knickers in a twist.

      Oh, and I said your head was up HIS ass, not your own puulaahi, cut back on the weed so you can see the screen a little more clearly. Your little love note to him certainly gave the impression of unrequited love.

    13. Puulaahi says:

      I enjoyed M[C}S more when I did not have to hear garbledxmission bloated opinions. I have a feeling I am not alone. garbledxmission must be an art critic or some shit. Takes himself way too seriously.

    14. garbledxmission says:

      I enjoyed MCS more when I don’t have to listen to surfer dudes who’s interests include “dreaming” whining in the third person. I have a feeling I’m not alone. Puulaahi must be a slacker or poser or something. Thinks he’s too cool for this earth.
      Quit being an ass and go back to hugging some palm trees and making things out of hemp. I make an argument to support my opinion about his work and that makes it “bloated” and I’m an art critic because I have a negative opinion about this particular piece? I should like every single post on this site and gush over it like you and the others did? Interesting logic you have there. “Like what we like, or we’ll gang up on you en masse.” Last time I checked, you were not the MCS Gestapo. I noticed you couldn’t come up with any real rebuttal to my last post. Was it too rational for your weed soaked cerebellum to comprehend? Get over yourselves. You might want to take a long hard look in the mirror before accusing others of taking themselves too seriously.

    15. Puulaahi says:

      Do you attack strangers on the street like that too? Garbled you are not WORTH a REAL rebuttal. You are getting uppity over someones art and name calling(like a little jerk at the playground). Also you were the one that attacked me for my opinion, among others. Keep digging yourself a hole, asshole.

    16. garbledxmission says:

      Now I’m sure you are as high as I claimed you were. Does the phrase “over opinionated douches” ring a bell there King of Hemp? Or were you referring to everyone who liked his work? It was your first statement in this thread so who started with whom?
      “you are not worth a real rebuttal” = “i’m too high and brain dead from devoting my life to being a slacker to formulate an adequate rebuttal.”
      The only holes here are the gaping ones in your logic, your statements, and hell, while I’m at it your overly tanned melon. Go back to catching waves, begging for change and watching teletubbies while stoned out of your gourd.

    17. garbledxmission says:

      And not liking someone’s art does not make one uppity. It does make you a colossal fucking hypocrite tho. Last time I checked we live in a free country and can have whatever opinions we want about art, religion, politics, etc. Remember that the next time you see some art you don’t care for a make a comment about it.

      I love it when liberals get all worked up over people not being like they are. “Everyone is free to do and believe as they will—until it’s not what I believe, then they must be PUNISHED!”

    18. Puulaahi says:

      You refuted yourself, Great Job! Further pointless stereotypes and judgments of me too. Wow you are so much better than me, I see it now, I really do. Look at the comment history here and STFU.

    19. Caio says:

      At somepoint Garbled all that life experience you brack about having wracked up must have whispered to you, someewhere in the back of your head, about how much time you are wasting raging on some kid’s art thing.

      Kids are moody and need positive encouragement, douchebag. I pitty your child, and fear for what kind of person you will turn it into.

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