Child Sacrafice

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Five centuries after Inca priests sacrificed this boy and two other children on a peak called Cerro Llullaillaco in Argentina, archaeologists found them frozen to near perfection, accompanied by breathtaking artifacts and textiles.

Richly wrapped Inca child sacrifices were more than just gifts to the gods. They were ambassadors, sometimes volunteered by their families, sometimes taken from them. This boy, perhaps eight years old, wore a tunic big enough to grow into and carried extra sandals for his journey into the next world.

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    17 Responses ttto Child Sacrafice

    1. deuce says:

      This is what Incas actually believe!@!11

    2. dub_1211 says:

      …beats Scientology.

    3. the3g_ipwn says:

      Looking back at history sometimes makes one think: Hey, maybe we’re not that fucked up after all.

    4. Caio says:

      No, ip, you are still pretty fucked up. Just in your own special way.

    5. garbledxmission says:

      ipwn, if you think so highly of the Ican traditions, we’d happily support your becoming a next world ambassador.

    6. the3g_ipwn says:


      How the the hell do you fuck up a five letter word attempting to berate someone else? It’s Incan. Say it with me.

    7. thequietguy says:

      I never sacrifice a child unless I am going to eat it afterword.

    8. garbledxmission says:

      Ah, the typo Nazi. The last refuge of the truly petty and ignorant mind.

      Tell me slappy, you have any original, intelligent arguments or are you going to keep nit picking typing errors as you lack the basics of rational thought?

      Since you are so quick to pick up on the errors of others I’m shocked you failed to point out the error in the title of this image. But then, you are so the poster boy of fail.

      Now be quiet and let the adults continue the conversation. Don’t you know you should be seen and not heard?

    9. Hepathos says:

      Makes you think; just because they had chid sacraficions, does this means they wear uncivilized? In today’s sociaty death is the biggest taboo of them all, after it comes sex.
      Yeah, they killed 8 innocent boy, but also it was the highest honor they could give those boys, and they were threated as ambasaddors to the gods.
      We also sacrafice our sons: we send them into battles fought for political reasons, not for land or religion.

    10. nyoki says:

      LOL, I just noticed I spelled sacrifice wrong. Thanx for pointing that out garbledxmission. Had it gone unnoticed ip might have imploded…or sumethin.

    11. Elepski says:

      Just remember… the Christians came along and called them Savages for this type of worship… so they killed.. ahh err.. “converted” most of them

    12. dub_1211 says:

      if that child were alive or even just freshly dead, toof would fuck it in the ass.

    13. Puulaahi says:

      When I look back at history I tend to think: Maybe they knew something we don’t or cool.

    14. the3g_ipwn says:

      It’s a fucking five letter proper noun. It’s not like I called out improper subject/ verb agreement. I hate spelling and grammer. I am the worst at it. I do not even try on the big words, but I do try to get the small ones right.

      I made a simple comment on my reaction to the posted picture. I was not nit picking spelling.

      YOU decided to attack me and fucked it up. Don’t blame me because you’re a fucking retard.

      I have never witnessed an intelligent thought preceed your name on this site. You have only ever spouted insults and ad lib behind what others post. You are a pathetic, un-original, cum spitting, ball licking, uncle fucking, dick sucking, inbred, over-fed, fat head, dim wit, pencil dick, ass pain, dick stain, lame brain, clit spit SACK OF MONKEY SHIT. HALELUJA..HOLY SHIT…..wheres the tylenol…

    15. Caio says:

      Just remember that after the Christians destroyed the Inca empire, Europe broke out into 300 years of war over how many sacraments there are: Is Last Rites a sacrament? Millions died over that question and no one ever provided an answer.

      We tend to imagine that Europeans then were like Europeans now. In fact they were largely as savage as the natives, if not more: The farmers slept in the barns on the pig and horse shit. The village folk dumped their shit on the street or in the same lakes and rivers that provided drinking water. Disease ran rampant. Few people lived past the age of thirty and live was cheap.

      The wars against the “Inca” were not, at the time, defined in terms of “civilization”. The concept was a Roman one which the Spaniards had only just rediscovered: The Spaniards justified their conquest mainly in terms of the Bible and the omni-present belief in demons.

      I can’t find a full translation of the Requierimiento (you can find in Bartolome de las Casas but there is a partial translation at the bottom of this page:

      You might also want to read the Journals of Diego de Landa – the book burner, the destroyer of almost all Mayan literature – to see just how “civilized” the Europeans were compared to the natives.

    16. There’s something humbling about these children; humbling and tragic, but somehow not – maybe that’s just the paradoxical agedness of them.

      I couldn’t imagine the mind required to sacrifice a child that way, but it’s not ‘savage’, no.

    17. garbledxmission says:

      its a fucking typo quit shitting your pull ups lil man. You’re telling me you never, EVER made a typo and didnt notice till after you posted?
      ” I was not nit picking spelling”
      Really? Then why did you act like you had sand in your pussy over the word “INCAN”? (there happy?) I attacked you because you are retarded and made an equally retarded comment about the pic. Nice to see I’ve gotten under your skin, you certainly get worked up enough over things. I haven’t seen a tantrum like that since the last time I took my kids to Chuck E. Cheese and we saw a short bus kid flipping out in the ball pit. For all I know it was you.
      As for the tylenol, feel free to take the whole bottle. Even two.

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