TF2 History Guide

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    The “ghandi captured the moral high ground” statement, or any about how great Ghandi was, always makes me wonder how wonderful or great Ghandi would have been remembered if instead of protesting against British rule he had to protest against Soviet or Islamic rule?

    Also, they spelled prohibition wrong.


    Oh, man let’s turn this image about a video game into more mindless patriotic flag waving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Never forget, Gentlemen!


    LOL @ Surrealism

    Caio, I don’t think like that…So…Whatever.


    What is Caio shouting about now? Or a better question is, why?


    Just breaking the inane and predictable line of reasoning you were clearly planning to preach.

    Seriously, can’t you kept your ignant redneck mouth shut even on a video-game thread? Or a hot-girl-who-happens-to-be-asian thread? You’re not fucking NASCAR Jesus and you don’t have to work towards converting the internets to your divine worldview at every possible opportunity, Gor.


    Wow, that’s absolutely amazing. Your line of reasoning is really out there. Well Mister Poopypants, I’m don’t like NASCAR, and I am not a Christian, and no one who knows me would ever consider me a “redneck” (got all my teeth, don’t look at my sister in a sexual way, dress to cleanly and make to much money). The only thing you got right is I like hot asian girls, but hell, that’s not a secret. I guess you’re spending to much time supporting your police’s oppression of natives up there in the People’s Democratic Republic of Canada to get… Read more »


    Well I can’t say I know you in person, Jeb, but if it quacks like a duck…


    Who’s Jeb?


    Feigned ignorance when the meaning could be easily inferred from the context? Naw you’re totally not a redneck, homeboy.


    What the hell are you talking about? You’re the one saying “naw” and I’m the one who drives a mini-cooper (you probably have a pick-up). You are one crazy ass Canadian.


    Gor, guess which character from this episode of Jack Benny your remind me of:

    Hint: It’s not the New England sophisticate characters.


    Sorry Caio, I can’t access google video (or YouTube, LiveLeak, ect) while at work. I do listen to Jack Benny at one of the OTR websites, which character are you talking about?


    Say sumethin funny Frankie…RAZZAMATAZZ!!!111


    “I don’t deserve this award, but I have arthritis and I don’t deserve that either.” Jack Benny

    That line just cracks me up.