See the sign?

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“One Nation, Under a New Obama Salute”

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    Some guys like it like that



    withered spyryt

    Obama – “My asshole is thiiisss big”

    withered spyryt

    …. 1 bit of trivia. Who is the only other political figure that had his own salute? Here’s a hint ” Zeig Hial!”


    Godwin’s law. Obama wins the thread.

    Consider it a warmup.


    Hitler also thought he was chosen by God to lead his nation. Like someone else.


    Withered, you mean like bowing your head and making a “T” by your navel?


    @ caio

    You know who else used godwins law? Hitler.


    @withered spyryt: Godwin’s Law notwithstanding, Hitler didn’t have his own salute. The Nazis had a saulte which they stole from the ancient Romans, but all Nazis used it. Hitler didn’t have his own special salute, unless you count the fact that people were a bit more energetic about it when he was around. Not to mention the fact that the US used the “Nazi” salute for about 150 years, and so has more of a claim to it than the Nazis. Notwithstanding that, there’s no universally accepted “salute” for anything. Different countries do it differently, and even different branches of… Read more »

    withered spyryt

    HA! You silly person to foolish assume that im christian …. I’m smarter than that…
    and as for thelotuseater725 … I’ve never heard of that before this thread … but you’re comment was pretty clever … just 2 b fair . i do talk shit ’bout both … so the ” he who smelt it , delt it ” rule doesn’t really apply


    You sure do seem smart, Withered Spryt.

    withered spyryt

    btw AgZed … ive been drinkin so grammar and typing are not currently my strong point right now .. soooooo … blow me


    “Not to mention the fact that the US used the “Nazi” salute for about 150 years” Could you please tell me when and where the “salute” was used, or at least tell me where I can find that information. If anyone wants to see the modern use of the “Nazi salute”, as well as the Goose-step march, you only have look at the armed forces of Syria and Iran (which those two do have connections with Nazi Germany). BTW, since the Canuck Caio has already piped up, if Obama does win it might be for the same reason as the… Read more »


    I like that Hitler stole the Aryan Swastika from religions that highly revere all life, and then he turned it into a symbol of hate and death.


    Godwin’s law after Godwin’s law was called twice.

    Man this thread is getting worse and worse. Gor you’re really a treasure to this site.

    withered spyryt

    kinda akin to stealing the goatse symbol…


    Thanks Caio, I love you too.


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    lol wut

    withered spyryt

    .. good call…. that is a whole new lol


    Do you know who used words to communicate? Hitler. Do you know who wore clothing? Hitler. Do you know who ate for continued survival? Hitler. Do you know who had opinions about things? Hitler.

    Have I covered all the bases in this thread yet?


    Americans used the bellamy salute until WWII. It is similar, but not identical to, the nazi salute.

    see wikipedia


    Thanks orbtin. Saved me the hassle of tracking it down myself. And withered spyryt, I’ve been drinking too, and yet my spelling and grammar remain remarkably unaffected. So choke on it.

    Wonderful how this internet drinking works, isn’t it?


    Thanks for finding that too orbitn, I never heard of the “Bellamy Salute”. AgZed, keep those facts coming and have another drink for me, because I won’t be having one myself until Friday.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Hitler had ideas (not saying the genocide was good but he stuck to it) and balls.

    Obama has a Hollywood agent and no balls.

    But both are white so there’s a similarity.

    Obama for president…of the screen actors guild.


    Hitler can’t the only political figure other than Obama with their own salute. (Yes, he didn’t invent his, it’s Roman, but it’s bloody well his now.) Making up a salute isn’t a terribly creative idea. I’m sure loads of people have done it.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    The salute is not necessarily Roman. It’s just thought they did that and the theory snowballed into fact by being legitimized in paintings from like 18something. There’s no actual proof it was something all Roman’s did.

    But that up there is more of a hand symbol.

    You know who else has hand symbols?


    Obama O = gang sign, ma nigga. At war wit da bluuuds over drugs and bitches.


    Hm… Sieg heil, the famous nazi chant, for more years, the famous american chant.

    Of course we were missing an oddly homoerotic hand thingy maybe or not inspired by ancient roman hand signs in the military, but not anymore!


    the last political figure to use a symbol was the one and only George W. Bush with the infamous “W”. Republicans conveniently forget this when talking about Obama’s “O”. Dumbasses.


    West side, ma niggaz


    Sorry bout that. Just reppin Inglewood.

    Carry on.