Perfect Woman

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    Forget X-Box 360. That would be round the world!!!

    Doc Shadow

    It would be all fun and games… until of course you accidentally hit the roundhouse kick combo.

    Alec Dalek

    So PS3 owners would rather use the controller than have to actually touch the woman? Fags!

    teezy weezy

    More like PS2 I’d say.


    Or PS1 seeing as its a pretty gray, wired controller.


    How can you tell? It’s the same fucking design everytime.


    If a girl was like that on your bed you shouldn’t need the control.

    And seeing as no-one has said it yet om nom nom


    Randomguy, I challenge you to a fight to the death to nom her

    Nom Nom Nom


    mmm plugging in controllers 🙂


    as a very ignorant person i would like to know what nom nom means


    Srsly… A woman like that cannot be controlled with a playstation controller…

    You need to use the proper joystick otherwise you will lose the game…

    No, Wait…

    Damn… I already lost…

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