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    I watched a video of this. Improv Everywhere got a bunch of twins to sit opposite each other on the subway. It was pretty sweet. Some of the reactions they got were incredible.


    Same people that did the Trafalgar Square freeze?


    When You see them You’LL shit bricks?!

    Billy Manic

    Improv Everywhere is great, I strongly suggest you check out their stuff.


    This one was such a waste of time. What’s the fucking point? There are easier and more effective ways to fuck with people’s minds.

    Doctor Thompson

    hey dieAntagonista. because its fucking awesome. that’s the point. there i said it.


    Love these people.


    Yes, there are, but there is a real art to minfucking. Anybody can screw somebody up, but people who can do it with this much class and creativity are a rare thing indeed.

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