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    More proof as to why I need to go to the UK.


    I like “Win parking lessons”


    Some of us didn’t need to be told. I’m a big fan of the “fuck more” philosophy, though not so much of the talk less part.


    This magazine is full of nothing but win.

    Snarky Parker

    And so began the exodus from America to the United Kingdom…

    Alec Dalek

    There is NO WAY men that drink more beer are better in bed. Alcohol interferes with penile functionality (getting it up and finishing the job). It doesn’t help women much either, as they are more apt to get sleepy and just lay there like a lump. I’m not knocking beer, just pointing out what it actually does to you with regards to sex.


    apparently you’ve never heard of whiskey dick.

    Just ask Tiki. I’m sure he’s had it with the amount of J.D. he I.V.’s into his arm each day.


    Ok, so I haven’t paid attention enough to this to know what kind of alcohol I drunk when it happened, but I’ve never had a problem getting it up while drunk… even really drunk. And while finishing does take longer, since when does the woman view that as a bad thing? Mine sure doesn’t….

    Also counter point to your women part of the comment, beer makes mine want to give head, not fall asleep. Any other kind just makes her really horny, and still quite active….

    Maybe all the people u know just suck in bed period.


    – You also thought you were witty and the life of the party while you were drunk. That everyone was laughing at your jokes, not the fact that you pissed yourself. It doesn’t make that true either. That’s the “joy” of being drunk – the person doesn’t remember anything even remotely connected to reality, and boy is it funny to – everyone else. 🙂


    This is just plain stupid and complete failure.



    Haha, no. I know I’m not the life of any party. And I’ve never pissed myself while drunk. Only puked. I know this because if I had pissed myself, people would have made fun of me for it forever starting the next day.


    Cause making fun of the drunk person the next day and on and on is something no one misses out on.

    Luke Magnifico

    I have a theory.

    A suspicion, if you will.

    That there are certain people in this thread.

    Who have not understood that this is a joke.

    Namely AlecDalek.




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