Peace Through Firepower

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    I think I will get a t-shirt made with this on it, minus the “what are you going to do about it” part.


    Excellent, very clever !


    It’s kinda scary to see what people who own stuff like this do in their free time


    I’ll tell you what I’ll do: I’ll get all your guns banned and then I’ll make you my own personal sissy-boy. Lipstick, buttplug, and all.


    Not saying anything about guns, just the fact that anybody can get them is not so sweet.

    And uh, I’m a girl. So can’t wait for the lipstick. Although I’m not so sure about the buttplug. I’m a convinced butt-is-a-one-way-street truther. So I expect you to respect my beliefs… *cough*



    Its misinformed fascist assholes like you that got assault weapons and the Barrett (most manly gun ever made) banned from California. Crawl back into you shit filled liberal hole.


    The GAU8 is the most manly gun ever made.
    That list you have, FULL of fail.

    With that said assault rifles are fun.


    The only people who stupidly get personal weapons banned are the fascist self-discribed “enlighten liberal” law-makers and the sheeple who foolishly vote for them.


    so what do we do if you go against someone with better guns? lol and btw calling someone a fascist as an insult in this argument for banning assault weapons doesnt count it was the nazis that inventet the assault rifle the stg 44 hell if u look close at the cocking hand and recever you can see parts of the modern G3 …..but anyway why have they made a peace symbol instead of going shooting


    Yes, we all know the Nazis invented the assault rifle because their bolt action rifles sucked against the US and Soviet weapons (what does that have to do with gun control anyways?).

    The important part is that the Germans made sure they disarmed the Jewish community by enacting the 1938 German Gun Control Act so they could be easily control. That law was used as model by the Democrats in Congress when they drafed the US Gun Control Act of 1968, that’s what I mean by “fascist self-discribed “enlighten liberal” law-makers”.



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