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    remember kids, bangkok dangerous.


    This guy can’t even come up with his own style… stealing from the Far Side is a sin. A fucking sin.


    : Um, stealing what, exactly? The art style is nothing like Gary Larson, the humour is far too crude for the Far Side, and if you’re referring to a single-panel-comic-with-a-caption, I regret to inform you that Bil Keane has Larson beat by a good 20 years.


    AgZed : I really didn’t think my comment would get you so upset! I stand by my opinion that the creator is heavily influenced by Larson, and either deliberately or subconsciously ripped his style right off.

    Those people are totally copped from Larson. The single line representing the eyes, the glasses with no pupils… they are mild knockoffs of Larson’s characters.

    I never implied that Gary was the first to do the one-panel-with-caption format, so that argument is off topic. Besides, Bill Keane is a shitty comic writer and illustrator. How his son became one of Disney’s best animators, I don’t know. And before Keane, even before the Victorian era, one panel comics were quite popular.

    I’m not trying to be a dick, and I am not trying to one-up you or anything, but yes this guy is definitely ripping off Gary Larson, and fuck that boring bastard Bill Keane.


    And Bangkok jokes are too overused for this crudely thought out comic to be funny.


    @camian comics implies that it will be a series of panels to tell a story not just one panel. farside, family circus, bizzaro, and new yorker funnies aren’t quite comics but more like drawings with funny words underneath.
    read some scott mccloud


    Comparing anyone to Gary Larson is absurd. He transcends the boundaries of human existence. So stop it, douche.


    : sorry, I was using the term loosely, like Kleenex and Band-aid.

    I wasn’t trying to piss you all off here.
    : I agree. It wasn’t my intention to compare them in that way. He does indeed transcend the boundaries of human existence….

    which is why my ass gets chapped every time someone tries to immitate, as we see here with this little gem.

    Listen folks, we’re all on the same page: Gary Larson is the shit. We’re all agreeing on that topic. People who shamelessly cop his style, rather than actually summoning the creativity necessary to come up with their own style… they irritate me.


    Don’t worry, I’m not upset, I just don’t see it. Gary Larson’s big noses, extended jaws, and oddly proportioned torsos and legs are too unique for anyone to rip off without it being a lot more blatant. Also, lines for eyes was done in Popeye (1929), pupil-less glasses were done in Felix the Cat (Poindexter, 1958), and if you cast a net as wide as “stealing from the Far Side”, any comparisons are fair game. 😉

    If anything, this guy’s artistic style is derivative of Cathy, although this one panel has more cocks in it than that boring drone has seen in the last 30 years.


    Hey kids! Don’t put your ding-dong in the toaster!


    “One night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble…!”

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