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    Michael Jackson doesn’t have to dress up for Halloween.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    What’s the difference between a grocery bag and MJ?

    One is made out of plastic and potentially harmful to children and the other can be used to carry food in.


    How is Michael Jackson like a silver medalist? They both come in a little behind!


    What do Michael Jackson and a McDonald’s hamburger have in common?

    A tiny piece of meat between two 10-year old buns.


    Whats the difference between michael jackson and a hockey mom?




    Depends on the hockey mom. I’d imagine there’s more than a few that treat a select few from their son’s team to a little post-game oral/vaginal congratulations. God knows their workaholic philandering husbands don’t give them satisfaction anymore.


    The best stuff is always at the bottom, for bottom feeders.


    What’s the difference between you and Michael Jackson?
    You’ll never create anything close to the world altering music he created.

    Pedophilia…meh. It could be worse.


    Like Necropedophilia?



    You took the words right out of my mouth.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    World altering music?



    I guess Bille Jean made you reevaluate your life? Remember when Hitler threw on Thriller and decided Jews weren’t all bad.

    It could be worse…true. Though he could have just not stuck his pecker in Macaulay Culkin.


    Haha, right.
    Ok well, world altering – that was just a sarcastic exaggeration. But if there’s any music that would deserve that title, then his.

    And about that ‘incident’.. NOBODY IS EVEN SURE HE DID IT. I mean come on. It was an easy way to get a lot of his money, you gotta admit. He didn’t go to jail either, right? Ok that probably doesn’t mean much in the US. Whatever.

    There are some freaks you just have to admire. Even if he did it, that would just mean that he’s mental. Can’t judge a sick person.


    What does Michael Jackson aand K-Mart have in common?
    Both have little boys pants half off.

    Why did Michael Jackson called Boys II Men?
    He thought it was a delivery service.


    The FUCK I can’t judge a sick person! This is AMERICA Jack! If I can judge the President, I can damn well judge Michael Jackson. Faggot running around smelling like little boys’ booty holes. You don’t get called something for 10 damn years without there being a little bit of truth in there. Fucking child molesting motherfucking faggot Michael gaddamn Jackson!


    Eh, I’d say there’s still a huge difference between the president and MJ. I mean ok, both are obviously nuts but still.
    So you judge sick people.
    Would you tell then, say a schizophrenic person – stop having delusions motherfucker! – hm?

    It’s no secret that Michael has serious problems, but I’m sure, had he lead a ‘normal’ life as a child and so on, he wouldn’t have ended up doing all this bullshit.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Pedophilia is not a chemically provable condition the way schizophrenia is. Nor is it treatable as such. it’s one of those lovely compulsions that get medicated and labeled but really it just boils down to the guy like little boy bums.

    And the fact that he’s not in jail doesn’t say anything about his guilt. He’s rich. I mean why don’t you just get on us for making fun of OJ. He had world altering blocking skills and he’s not in jail so how dare anyone judge him as a murderer?

    [quote]Would you tell then, say a schizophrenic person – stop having delusions motherfucker! – hm?[/quote]
    No I’d call the cops and have the crazy fucker locked up before he took the voices advice and hurt someone.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    I think I got me tags mixed up…arrrrrr


    I do not think that being sick, or mentally deficient should absolve you from wrong doing. It doesn’t matter to me whether or not you knew what you did was wrong. What matters to me is: Do you belong among society? If you want to fuck little boys then the answer is no. If you decide to kill other people because the dog said it was ok; the answer is no. If you break the laws of society, you should be consequence to the same justice, regardless of mental capacity.

    Like it makes anyone feel better that the motherfucker walking the street raping little girls “dosen’t know any better.”


    I certainly hope that anyone advocating for people who are, for various reasons, not responsible for their criminal actions are not saying that these people should be allowed back into society. It’s more a question of both where and how they are locked up. If not, that would be insane.


    How can you tell when it`s time to go to bed at Nevernever Land?When the big hand moves over the little hand..


    Wait, Ive seen this pic somewhere before…

    Oops… sorry… wrong eye/hair color… my bad…

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