Stop Saying Like

Stop Saying Like

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    So Cal chicks are like, so like, like that, oh my god and plastic too.


    I know the sign is an exaggeration, but when I lived in California, I actually knew a girl who spoke exactly like that. That is no exaggeration. Read the sign aloud, that is literally what she sounded like. It was horrible.


    You know how when you see a written word, or hear someone say a word too often in a short time, it begins to get weird and looks wrong? That’s what just happened to ‘like’.


    The irony is that this “Academy of Linguistic Awareness” blew it on their tagline. That comma should be replaced either with a period or a semicolon. A period would have more effect because that would turn the line into a double imperative.

    So, like, there’s like no reason to, like, pay much attention to what the, like, ALA like thinks about people who, like, say like.


    man, her blurred eyes are wigging me out dude..freaky


    Like F****** Yeah !
    But we’re too late..
    Like there’s so much FAIL out there….
    EPIC WIN is all out Nintendo’ed 64.



    Pity they mis-spelled Academy.


    warren is thread winner,

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