Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

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Available Sept. 16, 2008.
Win or Fail?
I think win.

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    I think ill be playing WAR starting on thursday, so what does it matter.


    No other games matter now that WAR has begun!


    Nerds, get your priorities right. It’s STAR WARS!
    Fuck Warhammer

    Alec Dalek

    Fuck Warhammer, fuck WoW, and especially fuck George Lucus, but Star Wars video games, 1/3rd of the time rock!


    I played the demo for this and it was really fun. I’ve had it preordered since like august 1st. For some reason amazon is like “oh it ships today but not for you. Yours ships on the 19th. And i’m all “We’ll see about that.”

    But warhammer was pretty fun too. I played the beta and i might buy it.


    My Xbox 360 is broken. They are never broken…NOT. Star Wars sucks donkey cock and so does George Lucas, but this game looks semi cool.


    The SUCK Unleashed


    I do agree, fuck Warhammer and WoW. However I seem to like half of Star Wars games (even though I’m a fan).


    let’s see:
    – Story completely fucks up canon
    – buttonsmashing sequences
    – disappearing bodies and derbis
    – no limb-slicing
    – “Force-effects” looking like magical attacks from Harry Potter

    yeah, gonna pass it.


    This game will be porn for Star Wars fans, but everyone else may find it a stretch. It really made some big advances in game mechanics and physics, so try to appreciate it regardless the context.
    I for one, have been dying for a well made bad ass Jedi game.


    The Euphoria engine is really something, the problem that the game isn’t using much of it. You can brake glass, and when you forcelift someone, they try to grab on. That’s it. I didn’t saw much about the plant planet, but I don’t think that you can slash giant flowers realisticly.


    Well, the Euphoria engine is really the only reason I would get this game, I saw some of the demo material, and it is a ridiculously advanced physics engine, but theres kind of no point if it simply isn’t used all that much in the game…

    I might get it anyway though… Maybe it just needs a powerful machine to go all out…


    HOKAY, I’ve played through the first level, witch was awesome. Vader acted so vaderlike, and the Euphoria way awesome in Kashyyyk.
    Then I played as Starkiller, and HOMAN, this game is bad. I mean, it’s like they aren’t siths and Jedi, more like wizzards with the flying and the magic shields and the lightblasts. The physics still had the same problems as 8 years ago: everything turns lightweight when broke/dead, also every corpse and derbis disappears after a few seconds. And that freefalling tower in the second stage just fried my real physics loving brain.


    D00d… ur killin’ mah SW:TFU buzz… ur bringing me down, man…

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