Lego Chrome Mech

Lego Chrome Mech

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    Again, I never understood Legos. Why would I want a box of blocks that I can stack into a car, when the toy car is on the same isle in the toy store? I think Legos are hobby models for damaged childeren whos parents wont let them use the modeling glue.


    I’m pretty sure most parents would trust their kids with Legos before modeling glue. The risk of getting high off fumes is a bit lower.

    And on top of that, Legos encourage creativity and imagination (another essential building block of an intelligent adult). Modeling kits encourage you to follow instructions (which is important, but maybe not so important at the age when Legos or their cousins are introduced).


    And also, this mech is badass.

    Doctor Thompson

    Can’t forget that with legos, you can build a car, then once you get bored build a space ship. And if you get bored again build something else (like this wicked boss mech). With a model you build it then can’t do anything with it.


    That’s not quite true . . . you can smash it!


    That’s not quite true…you can smash legos also!

    What would be cooler, throwing a plastic model plane off your roof to the ground and maybe breaking a vertical stabilizer from a shitty glue job or a lego plane that gets obliterated at the bottom??

    Go legos, fuck models!


    And don’t forget, with legos you can rebuild it and smash it again.


    Ah, the Jupiter class assault mech (make sure you bring some body bags when facing this thing)

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