super fly

super fly

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    wide stance is wide


    real pimps wear pink. Keep your pimp hand strong Super Fly and keep on Pimpin’ the free world.


    Freddy’s dead, thats what i said.
    Let the man read, the plan, said it singing home
    But his home was a rope and he should’ve known.
    Everybody’s misused him, ripped him up and abused him.
    Another junkie plan, pushin’ dope for the man.
    A terrible blow, but thats how it goes.
    A freddy’s on the corner now.
    If you wanna be a junkie wow.
    Remember freddy’s dead.
    We’re all built up with progress
    But sometimes i must confess.
    We can deal with rockets and dreams
    But reality, what does it mean?
    Ain’t nothing said, cause freddy’s dead.


    I have the soundtrack on vinyl.