pepper gel

pepper gel

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    What happens if you’re wearing contacts instead of glasses? Lawsuit maybe?


    I don’t see a lawsuit, they use pepper spray on people without glasses. Besides, the human body is hardwired to flinch and close your eyes.


    The human body isn’t hard wired for anything. Any action can be learned as an automated response, or un-learned, given the time.


    who was it that said “no one will be safe until every cop is dead”?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I think Finn means the gel will get stuck in the contacts and long term exposure can cause permanent damage or death.

    So ya…lawsuit.


    How about you don’t fuck with the cops and you won’t have to be part of a mace bukkake party?


    mace bukkake party?!?!? sign me up


    Yeah…anyone ever had to be pepper sprayed. In the military we have OC spray which is 50 times worse and to be qualified to carry it you have to get sprayed and basically go through an obstacle course. The feeling is basically like your eyeballs are melting out of your head. So, no thank you, I’d rather be shot.


    I’ve been sprayed twice with the good stuff (once for training and once in a incident) and though it does not feel pleasant, it’s not really that bad (okay it does hurt, but it’s better than a kick in the nuts). I guess maybe if you’re a pussy, you would scream around on the ground like they show in the movies (or like the “Don’t tease me, bro” wimp).

    Maganus is right, don’t be dickhead around cops, or be part of a group with dickheads in it, and you will be fine.


    My eyes! The goggles do nothing!

    General X

    What world do you guys live in. Of course you can get maced even if you are doing nothing.
    Though, to be fair “Don’t pepper gel me man!” just does not sound the same.


    Gor: Internet hardman!

    Also, the whole “Don’t piss off cops, and you’ll be fine” thing..

    There are plenty of other examples out there too, but nothing will convince you, I’m sure.


    What’s really fun is, really drugged up people can be completely ignorant of the pain.


    isn’t OC and pepper spray the same thing?


    “Internet” hardman my ass, I’ve drunk more beer and banged more pussy, pissed more blood and stomped more ass that all of you numbnuts put together.

    Seriously though, I didn’t mean to say this absolutely no chance of getting sprayed if you don’t do anything to deserve it, but your chances of getting a face full is OC is 1000 times more likely when you’re being a dick, than when you are not. There are plenty of examples out there, but nothing will convince you, I’m sure.

    You’re right Abno, drugged up people might be able to ignore the pain, but they are still are forced to close their eyes, it’s involuntary, and it’s easier to control them if they can’t see.

    and yes, OC (oleoresin capsicum) is pepper spray.


    I’m just amazed no-one’s mentioned tubgirl.

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