Military Police

Military Police

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    They’re either in the Flying Squad, part of the UK’s Metropolitan Police, or part of one of they’re dedicated firearm units.

    More like S.W.A.T. than MPs.


    This makes me want to watch Hot Fuzz.

    bright green

    That is not military police, you see these guys in train stations, a usual sight.


    Good to see the brits use the AA battery version of EoTech sights. But where are the reloads kept?


    That’s an H&K MP5 right. I want one of those so bad.


    Military police are part of the military. Those people aren’t. UK police don’t normally carry guns, so when they do, they mean business.

    bright green





    got that?


    @bright green: I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what Pwnerade just said. With less capsfury.


    Usually patrolling airports or outside the Houses of Parliament here, etc.

    Bright green, you’re a fucking moron.


    Is it just me or does the guy in the front have a serious case of gay hand syndrome?


    They do seem rather delicate.


    you are all fail.

    Tiki is obvoiusly commenting on the fact that the police are so over-armed and militarized that they look like fucking soldiers.



    How do you know? Tiki is drunk most of the time, I’d be surprised if he knew.


    Wait, why do cops in England need guns? I thought they’d banned pretty much all non-hunting guns over there almost twenty years ago?


    Now that’s the question I’d like to hear the answer to… Shouldn’t they all be running around with just billy clubs like in the old days?


    Because when guns became illegal in the UK gun violence soared, that’s the dirty little secret the gun control nuts don’t want you to know. The same thing happen in Australia. Look how well gun control works in DC, yet right across the Potomac River in Virigina (where guns are legal) the have a relatively low level of gun violence.


    I’m a u.k. shooter, handguns, semi auto ceterfire rifles and full auto’s are banned here, we still can have pther rifles and revolvers, I have 4 AR15’s in u.k. spec. .308 rifle, pump shotgun, .44 magnum revolver, plus others, We can still have semi auto rifle in .22 the firarms bans here were just to keep the public happy, they’ve done nothing for the crime figures, why would they, most of the gun crime is commited with illegal firearms not legally held guns. the police in the pic are pretty normal, every city has a few fireams units and the airports and main train stations are patrolled by them as well ! all that said, I’d still like to move to the u.s. for your firearms laws 😉



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