Bear Feet

Bear Feet

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    I hope that bear doesn’t offend the Muslim visitors to the zoo. Of course Grizzly Bears are well known for their cultural insensitivity.


    Toss my salad! I’m a Bear!


    Love the pic,

    but REALLY love the ad to the right when you open the pic

    Gay Bear Dating……..had to click it


    “Is everybody watching? Good. Prepare to witness my magic bear jacuzzi trick!”


    : I just got the 365tomorrows ad. Tiki’s ad provider chooses ads for you based on your regular surfing habits.


    : Thats called adware, or spyware. If it does that, its not on my machine cause I kill that shit. Also if it does that or tries to, I shall have to take tiki’s JD and beer away for being a bastard.


    : … never mind.


    the bear necessities

    tiki god

    I think you’re confusing Google with adware.

    also, there are two different ad providers, google and projectwonderful. The 365tomorrow one is google. The context sensitive one is Google. Context means that if you’re looking at images of bears, you’ll be shown bear advertisements.

    Welcome to the internet!

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