you Are under Surveillance

you Are under Surveillance

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    MORE obey giant stuff.



    Who is watching the watchers?




    When I was a child this would have resonated with me. But the longer I watch the world and study the threads of the past that weave the fabric of the present, the more I understand why we cannot currently have a truly free society. We ARE all potential criminals. I can hear the sunshine happy time do-good halfwits decrying my cynicism, but small town America doesn’t exist anymore. The more people you have in one place the more anonymity criminals retain. In a tribal village of 25 it’s hard to steal and murder without being caught (tribal warfare excepted), But it’s a lot easier in a city of 12 million. I want to believe in human kinds essential goodness, but the facts don’t support a mindless embrace of that ideal. No one ever expects the quiet guy to go on a rampage, or the priest to molest children, or the government to be trustworthy. No one makes plans to be a piece of shit, sometimes the shit just happens. We need to take precautions to protect ourselves, from those of us who don’t think it all the way through, who get half the information and run off acting like experts. A 21st century human is extremely dangerous, especially when they have access to technology that they don’t know how to make but can damn well use. When you get a shitload of these people together you get government (dem & repub alike). When you have a handful you get Militias, Street Gangs, Liberal Politicians making policies with no regard to reality, and Conservative Politicians making policies with no regard to morality. We ARE ALL potential criminals and must be watched on a basic level, if you think this does not apply to you put yourself in a desperate situation ( i.e. get addicted to crack, or buy a yacht you can barely afford) and see how GOOD you really are. In the end if I have Beer, Hydroponically grown Cannabis buds, Cable television, steady income and kinky sex, and a safe neighbor hood, then you can put the camera in my freakin brain for all I care. BRING ON THE NEW WORLD ORDER!!!( Provisionally of course).


    Do you people really think that any organization in the entire world has the resources and capability to monitor all of its citizens constantly?


    You disgust me.


    OOOOOH, what a well thought out response. It made me smile, Thank You. If you have a better solution please make it happen, I promise not to get on the way. My beliefs revolve around the dynamics of this complex system of human interaction that we call the real world. I’m looking at broad, general, inevitable circumstance, that arises from the society we are born into and perpetuate with our seemingly unrelated day to day activities. I don’t make the rules, I just identify them and then break ’em simply to be contrary. We need chaos to teach us the value of order, it’s a simple yet fundamental paradox. We cannot escape from ourselves. Life is hard or it is easy, and that has very little to do with your situation, but everything to do with your attitude. The fate of humanity is a foregone conclusion (we will all die, eventually), but your individual story has yet to be determined. So don’t waste your valuable time (even a second of it) being disgusted with people who are not you. Appreciate the vast diversity and genuine bizarreness of your existence. Help those you can and pity those you cannot. In the immortal epitaph of H.G. wells ” Goddamn it I told you so.”—-you’ll seeeeee.


    I am sorry I didn’t write a whole essay professor.ROFL

    Last I checked, stripping essential liberties for the sake of protecting them makes no sense. According to your thinking everyone is a criminal and shouldn’t be trusted. That type of thinking creates criminals. Anyhow, I am not going to debate with you, I have better things to do with my time. Enjoy being a narcissist.

    “We must become the change we want to see in the world.”
    -Mohandas Gandhi


    “Any one who would give up a little liberty to gain a little security, would deserve neither, and lose both.”


    Puulaahi, Better things to do? Like saving the world? Do you embody the change you want to see? Seeing only what you want to see does not make it so ( well sort of, but not like you think).

    So I think that I cannot trust you, because I don’t know you personally, and don’t have the time to get to know you. This motivates you to become a criminal how? According to my thinking we all have the POTENTIAL to become or behave criminally (which isn’t what you think I said), a hippo has the potential to fuck you up. Will it? Maybe… if you give it the opportunity. Does this make all hippos mankillers?

    No matter how intrusive technology allows our government to become, certain things are gone forever, Slavery, Segregation, Burning at the stake. As a species we have made considerable progress in the last fifty years, but I will not blindly trust in mans’ inherent goodness just because I want to believe in it. Criminals are created by harsh conditions of living combined with a lack of critical thinking(poor crime) or unbalanced societal standards of behavior related to the maintenance of a bourgeois lifestyle, AND a lack of critical thinking (rich crime), NOT BY OTHER PEOPLES OPINIONS.

    I’m sorry you won’t or CAN’T debate it with me, because the essential liberties of which you speak would not exist, if it weren’t for open discourse concerning the nature of humanity. I don’t have an agenda, I’m not interested in whether or not I can out think you. I do not crave recognition or respect. I’m on a fantastic journey through space and time, calling it as I see it. You are welcome to do the same, If you can.


    Go you! Pretty condescending and judgemental for not knowing me. But you don’t crave respect, so why should I think I deserve any from you.

    Better things to do: School, work, friends, family, going outside away from the CPU. Beats debating online which usually turns into an pointless argument…etc and why should I expect more from here? Plus I disagree with you, what’s there to debate about? You won’t change my mind and I doubt I will change yours. Therefore it is a waste of time.

    Also segregation, slavery and burnings at the stake still exist in this country in one fashion or another. Segregation – glass ceilings in the work place, Slavery – child prostitution and burnings at the stake – Had to suck being a Muslim in parts of America after 9/11.


    Condescending and Judgewhat? As opposed to arrogant and ill informed ( I disgust who?). I learned everything I need to know about you when you failed to tell the difference between my actual statement and what your puny mind was able to distill.

    Furthermore you demonstrate an inability to view the world from any perspective but your own. So careful contemplation of what is actually going on from multiple physical and conceptual angles is a waste of your time? I may have my own view that differs from yours, but in case you haven’t figured it out this thing going on around us is not a static phenomena, we are in a constant state of flux, an intelligent and insightful individual that feels differently than me, might just change my mind tomorrow, if they can make their case in a logical fashion.

    I don’t recall saying that you were wrong and I am right, because reality doesn’t work that way. Absolutes are the recourse of a weak intellect. I’m no different than you in my responsibilities, yet somehow I DO have the time to think, and speak up when I feel the need, this post is microbial fecal matter on the wall of the internet, it has no weight or meaning but the time I’ve spent considering the implications of my current beliefs has been priceless.

    You’ll never get any respect telling people that you can’t stand them for being or thinking different than you. Perhaps you should also think hard about the actual meaning of the words you casually throw around (like Narcissist). Segregation and a Glass ceiling are very different, wage inequities might be bigoted and unfair, but it’s not the same as having a muslim only restroom.

    I’m talking about institutionalized inhumanity, not the persistence of old world thinking that we all agree is unacceptable. Admission of progress is not a claim of victory. NOW I’m going to be SUPER condescending, People like you are dangerous. Smart enough to attain a fair amount of knowledge but too arrogant to follow through and gain a true UNDERSTANDING.

    I’m not trying to imply that I have a true understanding of ANYTHING, only that I’m open to all possibilities while at the same time maintaining the integrity of my paradigm so far.

    Tell me, do Muslim men in Yemen who won’t wait until their child bride has her first period to have sex with them disgust you as well? Or do you respect their religious right to molest children?

    At any rate I respect your right to not be rational.
    Stay in school…Don’t do drugs.


    (you should thinking about changing your nick, doesn’t suit you)

    Do you have a PHD in being an ASSHOLE?

    You make blanket statements based on very little, judged me based on two words(easily offended, it’s really laughable) and jump to conclusions.

    Me, arrogant and ill informed? You are basing this on very little. I only act arrogant because you are arrogant.YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE.Buy a large mirror pronto.Better buy a tank too, never know who could be out there!

    You had an epiphany, that humanity is flawed.GROUNDBREAKING!Pretty sure that’s called growing up. Seriously, write a paper on that, may win a scholarly prize.

    I’d tell you about myself but you don’t sound very open or friendly. Didn’t even give me a chance from the start. I’ll tell you this though: I am easy going and it takes a lot to make me angry.

    Lastly, you write a shitload but say very little meaningful.

    Tag your it.

    The Lawnmower

    I can see your argument, and while I don’t necessarily agree with it, I appreciate it.
    I also think you are mostly the victim of strawman attacks.

    Also, it’s “I disgust whom?”


    Fuck, Yeah, CrimethInc!


    Look all you want mother-fuckers.Just let me keep that which is mine.



    I’m sorry I Hurt Your feelings. I admit to being an asshole. The quiet guy is quiet because he doesn’t usually have anything good to say. I wish I saw things differently, because my view is very dark. But the upside is, even though darkness surrounds me I don’t actively generate it. So I’m sorry for being mean.

    Still, I stand by my opinion that in the near future we will all be under surveillance, so we should get used to the idea. I’m not talking about giving up essential liberties. I want my free speech, the right to bear arms (I don’t own a weapon), the right to vote, due process and so forth. But why is the right to privacy so important? What is there to hide? How can I trust a Government that keeps secrets from me? I think we can agree that we don’t want a secretive Government.

    So why have a secretive society? All we need to understand is that there is no escape from it. Anyone reading this now is being monitored, anyone with an internet connection is having information about them being collected. Do you have a modern cell phone? You can be tracked!

    Since there is no escape from the intrusion of corporations and government in our lives through the use of our technology, we need to adapt as a culture. Becoming more accepting and respectful of other peoples lifestyle, is the only way to ensure there will not be any persecution of those who choose to live in any fashion other than the mainstream ( in the future you won’t be able to hide your choices ). It is of vital importance that our intrusive technology does not victimize people for being themselves.
    The Lawnmower
    Whom it is then. Thank you for the correction.


    CrimethInc begins with the brand name, and ends with the relentless merchandizing of “radical” products on their website. In between there is…an individualist, selfish, and inchoate rebel ideology that eschews work, political organizing, and class struggle.

    In a world at war and facing terminal crisis, CrimethInc’s transcendental philosophy and ahistorical lightness is a form of intellectual masturbation. Like rootless ex-pats unconnected to the daily life around them, CrimethInc’s lifestylism is a form of self-imposed exile within their own society.
    —Ryan, Ramor, “Days of Crime, Nights of Horror”, Perspectives on Anarchist Theory (2004)

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