Pictures From 9-11-2001

What a fucked up day, eh?

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    The answers are in the pulverized dust cloud that was there from the onset


    Natedog, with all due respect to your Area 51 batshit crazy conspiracy theories, I really have to object to you people’s use of the term “truthist”.

    Man, that’s just an abuse of the -ist naming system. That’s like me coming up with my own philosophy or whatever and calling it ‘awesomeist’ or ‘thebestist’ or ‘theonetruephilosophyist’.

    Really your -ism should be somehow descriptive of your doctrine. Have you considered the term ‘alienist’ or ‘area 51ist’ or ‘raging anti-Semite(ist)’?

    bright green



    I woke up to the ramblings of the local rock stations morning talk show. The DJ’s were talking about something horrible, but what had happened didn’t come into reality until I went upstairs and turned on the TV.

    “WTF is going on?””Who did this?””Why?” All ran through my head.

    About 10 min later, the second plane hit. That day was a blur,not only for the many lives lost that day. But my young high school mind couldn’t wrap itself around one question: “Why would these people hate us so much that whey would fly planes into buildings killing themselves and thousands of people?”

    Unfortunately the government has answered that for me, these past 8 years…


    Caio, i have never once in my life used the non-word “truthist”

    and where is it that i mention aliens, Area 51, or the Jews?

    that is the problem with you closed minded motherfuckers. you hear someone with an opinion that differs from yours so you throw out the batshit crazy terminology and compare them to hitler and run them down with namecalling, without ever addressing the facts.

    change your name to Hannity already


    also, i dont believe in Aliens.

    well, let me clarify. it is not that i dont believe they can exist, it is just that i don’t believe it is possible for our solar system to be visited by another space race because of the vast distances between stars and the limitations placed upon spacetime by E=mc^2


    God, how many fucking years til we don’t have to be subjected to pictures of burning buildings every Sept. 11? The guy at the next desk where I work has 4 full color pics of the towers collapsing taped up. What the fuck is wrong with these people? It’s a tragedy, but we don’t need to be subjected to the pictures, the melodramatic tributes, and the reactionary patriotism every fucking year.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    If I were cynical I might say that its being pushed by the media because its an election year and that some parties might benefit from the coverage. If I were cynical.

    tiki god

    I have a folder. In this folder is more folders. This second layer of folders are named for important days. When I find pictures for important days, I put the image files in these secondary folders. When the special days arrive, I take the images from the secondary dated folders, and post the images to m[c]s. Sometimes though, the special day arrives and I have no images.

    I then delete this folder and do not post more images about it. To answer your question directly: You will never see an end of 9/11 images because it will be in the national mindset (and on /b/) for the remainder of my life. You might have to wait until my children are the only people posting on m[c]s.

    Jesus Christ

    … Dear God, Tiki having children?


    Yeah, two boys. Jack, and Daniel.


    I can understand that woe that has stricken the U.S. This was a horrible day in the history of the U.S. and a pretty bad one in the history of the world. But dont you see a flaw in showing pictures of it? These aren’t just pictures of the aftermath or of the buildings smoking, they are of people as they die. Sure, you cant see them directly, but for every picture you see, you are looking at people dieing. Now I say, why not choose a picture of a memorial or something?


    Regardless of what you think about September 11th and who you feel is to blame the fact is a great number of people died that day because of the actions of handful of extremist nutjobs.

    You can sit there and blame religion, politics, Bush, Clinton, whatever, but at the very least try to remember that people died for no good reason other than for some fuckwad to say ‘we have struck the infidels’.

    While many may disagree, this is a day that should not be forgotten. Yes there are other days of tragedy out there but none of them to date were a part of some many peoples lives at the same time thanks to live television. Because of live TV nearly everyone who was awake or woken up because of this was able to see this day unfold. To see that second plane fly into the building and you are sitting there and you know there are people dying right then; to see the police and firefighters enter those buildings to rescue people and then to see the first tower collapse…what when through your mind then? How did you feel when the news media outlets showed people cheering and dancing in the streets of Muslim and Islamic countries?

    I will be honest when I say I wish that day had never happened.


    I really like cloverfield. In fact, its a favourite.

    I enjoy watching cities get ruined. We all do. Its why we like war movies and action films with explosions. You know, like the dark knight.

    Thats why i really enjoy this film. .

    Fuck all those who want to argue about it. Explosions are fucking cool.


    That link dont work. try this shiz


    The problem, Ghillie, is not that they died, but that a too much significance has been attached to their deaths. More American soldiers have died in Iraq and far far far far far more Iraqis have died.

    When 9-11 happened, I thought it was tragic. Now that I’ve seen the true face of America: racist, colonial, greedy, barely human, I will welcome the next 9-11. I think that America needs to be dealt with and disbanded into many smaller countries. If that means some civilian deaths, I can merely use the American excuse: We don’t count enemy casualties.

    And don’t – do not – give me that shit about security. America is the safest country in the world. 9-11 was a freak occurrence. Do you realize that Japan – who had taken over Eastern Asia – couldn’t even organize an attack on mainland America in WWII because America had the strategic advantage of being really far away from anything. How the hell do you think Iran is going march on your beaches when they don’t have a fraction of WWII Japan’s military capacity.

    There is no “security” issues relating to Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s genocide pure and simple, with the intention of wiping out dark-skinned races and tipping the economic scales in favour of your millionaires.

    How do you think the average Iraqi feels when half their family has been killed and the richest and safest people on earth just for the sake of making a few extra dollars? You talk about your own security, but where’s the security for the Iranian who has brutal, child-raping American troops next door?

    I fully support the 9-11 terrorists and I hope to see another, larger event which will hopefully destabilize the American economy and send it into the third world for good.


    Genocide? I thought you were more reasonable than that. There’s no intention of wiping out dark skinned races. Civilian casualties are severe in any war. Since the conflict is begin waged primarily in Iraq and Afghanistan, the citizens of either country are the ones who suffer. It isn’t some vast conspiracy of the white man or something.

    As for the economic aspect… Well, I can’t dispute that, nor do I disagree with it.

    But how can you say the true face of America is barely human, and then wish another 9-11 upon the country? The people who died on 9-11 didn’t deserve to die anymore than the Iraqi civilians that are dying now.


    *being waged


    Caio, you think too much significance has been put on their deaths? And you think the true face of American is racist, colonial, greedy, barely human? I dont know where you live (probably Canada or France or someplace like that) but its a good bet you have never actually traveled to a Muslim country for if you had and actually experienced how they live you might have seen how many Muslims treat other races, how they treat women, how many still enforce casting to control the flow of money, to how people are infact treated as barely human so please dont try to spew that trash until you have.

    And your comment about security and referring to WWII era Japan and trying to compare Iran to them tells me everything I need to know about you and how much you really know about security. Security in todays world is not about keeping an army from storming our beaches, its about keeping that one person or that small group of people from committing another terrorist act against civilians.

    And it is not about genocide for if it truly was about genocide then there would have been no need at all to put any troops on the ground. We would have just bombed them to oblivion but then its apparent your too stupid to have figured that out.

    As far as tipping the scales in favor of our millionaires, how is a tactical response by the US due to 9-11 tipping the scales in their favor?

    As for how the average Iraqi feels when half of their family has been killed can you speak to that? Have you been there to see the after effect of whats left after some Sunni raghead with a bomb on his person or in his car sets it off in a neighborhood filled with Shia kids? Or how about when an Iranian trained terrorist from Syria blows up a hospital filled with average Iraqis because it was given supplies by American troops?
    You cant speak to any of that because you were never there. You cant speak to that because your fat lazy I hate America ass is too busy shoving food in it and hating America for your pathetic short coming of a life.

    While you may support the 9-11 terrorists to say you would like to see the American economy destabilized tells me you really have not clue as to how intertwined our economy is with the rest of the worlds. I can you this, if the US economy tanks, your life will be drastically effected financially.

    My only regret about the three tours I have served in Iraq and the four in Afghanistan is that I never once got the chance to meet you and say hi…..with my US Army issued M24. If you are wondering what that is it relates to my name and what I do for a living.

    Have a nice day.


    1) I’ve been to Bosnia and Herzegovina. I’ve dated a Muslim woman from there. They were pretty moderate for the most part.

    However, I’m somewhat familiar with the history of the White Race, and it is fairly indisputable that Muslim attitudes were not, in fact, derived from the Quran, but from the Greeks they conquered, who were even more harsh.

    For the most part, the Greeks wouldn’t let women go into the front room of the house unaccompanied by a man. The veil, of course, is mentioned in the Bible, but not the Quran.

    2) They support casting to control the flow of money? No different from Americans or Europeans. Admittedly some Europeans have improved but the history of Europe and of the Colonies is the history of rigid and hierarchical class system.

    America, if anything, is getting worse. Corporate welfare and corporate bailouts are killing upward mobility, enriching the incompetent, and if anything resemble Feudalism more closely that the upwardly-mobile society your ideologues tell you you live in.

    3) And your solution to preventing terrorism is killing innocent citizens – citizen who have no connection to terrorism – en mass? That is a terrorism recruitment poster if anything.

    India has to worry about terrorism. To a lesser extent Europe. America, the most hated country in the world, has always been relatively terrorist-free. 9-11 was a freak occurrence and there is no hint of a forming patter.

    4) “As far as tipping the scales in favor of our millionaires, how is a tactical response by the US due to 9-11 tipping the scales in their favor?”

    The same way that white people have been working it for the last 500 years: Controlling strategic trade routes, and rerouting valuable commodities away from those who should profit off of them, and into white hands.

    5) “As for how the average Iraqi feels when half of their family has been killed can you speak to that? Have you been there to see the after effect of whats left after some Sunni raghead with a bomb on his person or in his car sets it off in a neighborhood filled with Shia kids? Or how about when an Iranian trained terrorist from Syria blows up a hospital filled with average Iraqis because it was given supplies by American troops?”

    Is that what we’re talking about? I don’t respect the suicide bombers, but I have less respect for you, who hides behind technology, numbers, strategic advantage and an inherently racist colonial agenda to massacre brown-skins.

    6) While you were busy killing and probably raping brown women, I was getting degree after degree in economic history. I’m well aware of how the American economy is connected with the world’s and how it is internally structured.

    I will tell you this: You’ve moved away from hard labour, which has been shipped to Latin America, to pure finance.

    That might work well if you took an approach dependent on long-term economic planning and enriching the middle class. But you don’t. Companies are demanded by the courts to show profits to small investors and not to the management and workers who are in position to work towards the firm’s prosperity. Few middle-class Americans can afford even blue-chip investments. You’ve got a nation of struggling middle-class people with no prospects for upward mobility, maxed-out credit cards, zero job security and now you’re crossing your fingers and hoping they’ll buy houses.

    After WWII, when half the world was in ruin, you could sweep up in finance and industry. Now you’ve lost your industry and stronger regions are more prepared to survive through the bad markets. Notice how Europe and Japan are weathering it gently, and you people are facing the great depression?

    I could go into more detail – I don’t want to be too tl;dr here. Take it to the forums if you’re honestly that curious.

    7) Tell me: In Iraq, did you rape any pre-pubescent girls? If America hasn’t preformed the systematic and organized rape of pre-pubescent girls in Iraq, this will be the first war in which they haven’t for at least a century, save possibly the on in 94.

    So, have you raped any little girls?


    The Pictures are a stark reminder of what happened and should always be displayed as a statement for those who forgot there is a whole region in the world where they have a mindset of hate and teach their children to hate us and to destroy our freedom simply because we allow others to believe in what they want, and are a beacon of freedom and opportunity to the world.

    The matter of fact is that a memorial doesn’t carry the same impact as the actual images of the suffering and death of the people and destructions of a landmark and thanks to our current technology we can appreciate the struggle of the heroes in those towers who gave their lives to save those inside and the suffering of those who died for nothing, innocent victims killed by radical people who preach death and worship a twisted version of the muslim religion, and that teach their children to kill and hate us.

    You think we shouldn’t be involved and allow them to raise a generation of hate against us? I think we should definitely be there and we should educate those people and offer the same freedom we enjoy here to say we shouldn’t be there.


    What freedom?



    I don’t know where you’re from, but you are very wrong to count us out so early. I normally agree with your well informed oppinions, but this time I think you are a victim of the media painting a worse picture than the reality of things.(Some say if is to influence the election. I, on the other hand just think that they have to constantly create a crisis to compete with the other bullshit on television.)

    The American economy is no more in a depression than I am an astronaut. Econimists say it’s not even in a ression by definition. So gas is higher than it was last year. People will use less and drive down demand in time. It’s the law of capitalism. It moves in cycles.(By the way, we still pay less than most of europe and the rest of the world.)

    America is not the most hated country in the world. Hate just makes news. Any time there is a world crisis, do other nations look to the UN? To NATO? NO, they look to America. Where is your country when a tsunami hits Asia? Where is your country when a small country is subject to an aggressive dictator? Fact: America is always first to offer aid to the rest of the world.

    As for WWI and WWII, the entire world would be speaking German or Russian if it were not for the brave “rapists” you have the luxuary to condescend upon. Aside from the British, the rest of the world was either mezmorized or ass whipped by a couple of people who spoke elequently and could rally a crowd.

    On to Iraq.
    FUCK WMD’s! I don’t care if there never was any and Bush told the world a blatent lie. The fact remains the we disarmed the Iraqi military and drove them from Kuwait. They surrendered and agreed not to rebuild a military and to allow inspections to ensure that they were in compliance with the terms of surrender. They failed to comply on atleast 14 seperate occasions. A week after 9/11 wasn’t a very good time to kick out the UN inspectors again. Bush told the world that we would launch a Global war on terrorism. That we would fight them on their home field so that they not return to fight on ours. He swore that there would be no quarter given to nations that supported terrorism. You say he has gone to far. I say we have not gone far enough.

    Moving right along to current events:

    If Mother Russia thinks she can pull her shit again, she’s about to get a fist fucking from Uncle Sam.

    The MotherFucking End


    I have that documentary on tape and watch it periodically.
    I’ve lost more than one loved on 9/11, thankfully the one I didn’t lose was my mom. She met w/ her colleagues every Tuesday at 10am (since she had retired the year before) in the Arena at the WTC. She decided to walk it that day since it was absolutely gorgeous out. She saw the 2nd plane hit. I was sitting in my truck (stealing a smoke in between classes) when I heard about it on the radio. I was desperately trying to get through to my mom via cell phone. It was hours later when I finally got an IM from her, telling me she was ok.
    I simply can’t think about this day w/out tearing up. That said, I think the humor saves me from the almost unbearable sadness of losing six friends in one day.


    I igw: If you really want to have a discussion about this, take it to the forums, because I’m not writing some big tl;dr thing on a page 4 image.

    But needless to say you are wrong about 75% of what you say.


    Ohh so you have been to Bosnia and Herzegovina and you dated a Muslim woman. That tells me you most likely live in Central Europe and from your condescending tone most likely eastern France. An I right. Just because you dated a moderate Muslim woman does not make you an expert in all things Muslim or Islamic. Your familiarity with the white race does not appear to include any groups outside of Central Europe specifically the ancient Greeks who you seem to have some issue with.

    Your whining about corporate bailouts is a clear indication that you really don’t have a clue about current day America. Yes in the 90’s there where some corporate bailouts but I am willing to bet that if I did some checking I would find the same to be true in your part of the world. Your comments of feudalism do reinforce my belief that you do live in France… a country who will support you for 2 years on average because of work place restrictions on head count and number of hours worked in a week. Hows that working for your country? It seems that you must be taking advantage of the country wide welfare as you seem to have lots of time to post here and on

    I never said my solution to terrorism was to kill innocent citizens. What I said was that if the US’s purpose was genocide then there would have been no need to put any troops on the ground. Your choosing to respond to only part of a statement is typical of many in your country who have gripes about the US and choose to take bits and pieces out of context. That makes you no better than the terrorist who have no qualms about killing innocent people themselves. How much of your welfare check do you send to al Qaeda to support their goals?

    There you go again, making statements about things without giving all of the information available. India has to worry about terrorism from two places; within their country (due to differing opinions on anything from politics to religion) and from elements in Pakistan because of the ongoing dispute between India and Pakistan about a small piece of land separating the two countries.

    In your haste to bash white people about trade routes and such you forgot to mention that the Mongols (non white people) did the same thing in what is now China and the current ruling faction of China (also non white people) also does the same. Lets also not forget about the various groups in South America (also non white people) who have fought and killed each other over trade routes and natural resources as well.

    At least you don’t respect suicide bombers, I will give you that, yet there you again with your unsupported views about the US wanting to kill every non white person. I could give a rats ass if you respect me. However just so you know, while my country may benefit from technology, numbers, and a strategic advantage, my job as a foot soldier is nothing like the movies you have seen. In fact if you had the chance to be in my position during a fight with some terrorist scumbags you would be the first person to be screaming for some of that superior technology and numbers to come save your whiny pathetic excuse of a life.

    You seem to use the word rape quite a bit. It makes me wonder if you are trying to tell us something about yourself. Are you the rapist? Do you have some pent up anger towards brown women? Were you treated badly by one of them? Where you part of the rape squads that went around raping Muslim women and girls during the war in Bosnia? Im beginning to think that answer is yes.
    Im glad you understand how the worlds economy works and how everything is structured and intertwined. Oh and by the way, you aren’t the only one who has gone to school and gotten a few college degrees; I have a PhD. In Electrical Engineering and an MBA in Business. So don’t try to pump yourself up with your education.

    I will absolutely agree with you about how publicly traded companies are beholden to show a profit to their investors at the expense of the people who work for them (i.e. the middle class). You are also correct in that there is zero job security. But the same is true in many many other countries.

    What depression are you talking about? There is no depression. Our economy is in the same situation as most of the EU’s economies. And in regards to industry, I will tell you the same thing I tell Americans, there is still industry here. Yes many of the manufacturing jobs have moved but there are many more still here. People don’t hear about it because of the media.

    You really are hung up on this rape thing. And your mentioning of the war in 94 tells me exactly all we need to know about you. You were part of the rape squads in the Bosnian war and you seemed to be missing it quite a bit.

    I wont even dignify your questions with an answer but will ask you this…are you still having sex with farm animals?


    I was really hoping this wouldn’t get posted…

    I fucking hate 9/11, because otherwise rational, intelligent people (most of the internet excepted) take it as some sort of opportunity to be absolutely piss stupid.

    In my opinion, this attack didn’t matter that much. It was a wartime atrocity, but it was part of a war. A war that is still going on. How many innocent people did American soldiers kill in Afganistan? Too many. In Iraq, which had nothing to do with the attack whatsoever, the death toll is over 80,000, mostly civilians. And we’ve lost another 4000. What is called the retaliation for this attack has cost more American lives than the attack did. So who’s an American-hating terrorist? The goddam president.

    Before some redneck gets mad at me for this, yes, it was a tragedy, 3000 innocent people lost their lives, etc etc. 13000 people die of brain tumors every year. Far more than that die of AIDS. More people have died in the wars that followed 9/11 than in the attack. So yes, it was tragic, but there have been many more tragic things in the world. Stop hammering on this one. It’s not that important.


    Tiki> Thanks for including pictures of WTC 7. 🙂




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